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Looking for a group to rank with T5 [NA]



Hey guys, I’m tier 5 silver in NA I’m really sick of solo Q and never getting a captain on my team or getting stuck with unrankeds, I’m a bot lane main but can pretty much play every lane and jungle.


So you are sick of never getting a captain but refuse to play the role yourself?

Perhaps you are your own problem…

In t5 soloque you can just hard carry yourself out… I had to do that too…

Be the answer to your own prayers and learn how to play captain…


Xaldarian’s right, the world needs more captains! And with the new items making them even more impactful, there’s no excuse to not give them a try. Plus, if you learn to be a good captain, you get lots of invites from randos on your friends list. :lyra: :lanceheresy: :flicker: :phinn: :adagio:


@ChoppaCity how about I do you one better.
Post some screenshots from your games where you do well and fail. (Or provide your IGN and I will look through your games))

I am no pro but I am a high poa player with analytical skills.

If you ask for help we can help you improve your own skills. Blaming your allies will get you nowhere. They can be extremely frustrating I know and I accept that fact.

But how will blaming them help improve your games?
Ask for help, specific heroes/situations, certain play styles/builds and I will help you to the best of my ability and so will others.


I’ve tried playing captain I’m just not good at it
My ign is ChoppaCT


Your best win rates are with Adagio and catherine…
I see less than 50% winrates on vox and Blackfeather both bot laners…

These pictures tell me an entirely different story than your words…


Man we all know people say (I can’t roam) while in reality they don’t want to!
For example xenotek , he plays lane mostly in 5v5 and avoid playing roam , while he himself said in one of his streams that (I can play roam better than 90% of the roams I get matched with) .


Yeah I know what it looks like but I play mostly wp Adagio I roamed him maybe twice and yes I got lucky wins with Catherine I’m saying my roam sucks I can barely use reflex block let alone crucible for the whole team why dont we play some casuals instead of you judging me by vgpro cause we both know it’s bs those wins could be from surrenders or maybe I got carried you don’t that


I’m in EU so I can’t play with you sorry.


Ok how bout I record some games and send it to you and you can tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Post the link here I will surely check.


'wish I’d seen this a bit sooner, but I also moved this thread from general discussion to the Guilds and Teams section.
See it as a free bump, and maybe you’ll get a few more replies around here, too.

Best of luck!


Soloq is pretty hard so when I jungle I usually get a fountain, really beneficial.


Hello there!
I’m looking for a team and I’m tier 5 so if you reply to this comment, I would be glad to meet you at the game or talk about anything else that you think is important to know between each other before becoming a team. Thank you :slight_smile: