Look what I got

On my last try too. I was debating whether or not I wanna wait for Malene, but I decided to wait and got this after 4 more tries. #Worth. Also crafted Alpha’s epic skin and got a Vox on Ice BP on standby :^)


How big is the image if it still hasn’t loaded?

Must be huge it is still uploading after an hour might wanna tinypic it

Fixed it kek

For some reason it did not upload when I uploaded it directly from my phone as a screen shot. Had to email it to my laptop.

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Woot woot awesome man

Magic 30

You should click on the card to blow it up, then screen shot it… then our eyes would hurt less :face_with_monocle:


I’m fine.
Why did I even click on this thread when I knew perfectly well what it would be about.



That should count as a funny rating.