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Longest games?


This game felt like it took 2 hours. I cant say that ive ever played a game that took 45 mins.

So i raise this question. How long is your longest solo q game? 5v5 or 3v3.


Don’t have a screenshot but it was way way back when capturing the gold mine and making it ur own was a thing. It went for around 50+mins and honestly we just surrendered cause the match wasn’t going any where cause we were all low tier plebs at that time.


I don’t have a screenshot but it was when Idris first came out. I hard carried the match with WP Idris so hard with the absolute worst teammates. The enemy team was ridiculously aggressive and I was able to win every 2v1 and a couple 3v1s in my jungle. My team spent most of the time dying and feeding the Ringo.

Eventually, I won the last 3v1, right before my team spawned, by ulting onto Ringo’s dead body, right as he died and right as his ult hit me. Died on the last dot :joy: My deadbeat teammates surrendered with the enemy crystal open with enemy death timers over a minute.

49 mintes down the drain.

Oh yeah, I got deserter for a connection issue 30 seconds into the game. Perfect internet after the 1min mark. Worst. Game. Ever.


I had a ridiculous casual 5v5 last month with 3 AFKs and 133 total kills, that lasted 42 minutes. Our Ardan left early and I went Roam Ozo. It was the most disorganized (and hilarious) game I’ve had in a while. We won after my team finally (finally) buckled down and Stick together!'ed long enough to nab Blackclaw for a final push.


I feel so bad for that Gwen, my lord. Contributed to more kills than your team had total :joy: You just know that game is one of his worst memories, compared to one of your funniest lmao


hehehe I know… I giggle thinking about it. And then I actually laugh out loud because it’s legitimately funny. Sorry, not sorry, BullBro.


The longest game I can clearly recall was one 3v3 (before 5v5 was a thing) that I was playing with two of my guildies while we were eating lunch at Chick-Fil-A. The wifi was horrible, and we were lagging like crazy the whole match. We got pounded for most of the match, and though we fought like mad, we just kept losing team fight after team fight and turret after turret. Eventually, we were down to just the crystal, while the other team still had the base turret and the two vain turrets remaining. We managed to steal the Kraken and score an ace, allowing us to push into their base. They killed the Kraken and still had a turret left. A couple of us got picked off, and the enemy raced into our base. Our sole remaining player managed to hold them off briefly, and the other two of us respawned just in time – and we aced them. Needless to say, we then hightailed it into their base, tanked the remaining turret, and shattered their crystal for the win. It took about 45 minutes to win that one, and everyone in the Chick-Fil-A was looking at us by the end, because of all the hooting and hollering we did. Lol.


Love the way you told this. It was like I was reading a book :joy:


I think 39 mins, 3v3. Both teams spent ages sitting in the bush their side of the Kraken pit, waiting for the other to engage. someone would go up, farm minions, then come back down again, and the other team would do the same.


I had a 3v3 with 4 AFKs once, years ago. Ended up being quite a fun 1v1 (I won, playing Celeste into a Krul.)


45 minutes , it was the dumbest game ever , I spammed surrender but someone in my team was refusing , I almost raged quit but it’s hard for me to rage quit I prefer surrendering , so I managed to kill enemy team last fight and we won , the stupid thing that game was dying , people were spawning fighting dying , like we couldn’t fight as 3v3 , they died too fast , and I don’t get why people feel happy after winning a tilting match , I closed the game directly after the victory full of tilt and salt .


Not the longest one I’ve had, but the longest one I know exact time of. Also it was the most annoying game I’ve had in a while.

Honestly I can say VG bronze literally means NOTHING. People play like below t6. It’s just tilting. I won yet I didn’t even care at the end. It was that bad. Like people do literally nothing good, they feed and throw and lose and they always ping you. Lance played good but he had t2 defense at 30 min… that’s it… Skye did good and their team wasn’t that stupid. But overall most people in this game didn’t feel anywhere close to VG bronze not even PoA. Recently I got many games like this one so I can safely say rank means absolutely nothing at this point. People that couldn’t reach hotness in 3v3 are now VG in 5v5…


I hate when people ping for no reason. And its funny that you say that VG bronze play like t6 but everytime the MM screws up and i get matched against some VG players, i get absolutely destroyed. Kinda curious if its just people that actually know how to play as compared to the ones you played that have no idea how to play in a sense. Either way, it just comes back around to the MM. but im not going to get into that :sweat_smile:


I don’t know. Might be that you fear them if you see last season rank. But I do know that they’re actually low tier in 3v3. Meaning they were low tier or they are new to VG. Either way they do not belong in t10. I’ve had people that seriously don’t know basic stuff. Like it’s basic even by basic standards… Skill level in t10 has been dropping constantly for years but right now it’s way too bad. You used to have somewhat decent players in bronze before. Now most of them are 3/4 into bronze meaning close to silver and they do not even understand where heroes are played. No idea how to build. Constantly feeding. And that’s the good part. They’re mechanics and positioning in fights would set you behind even if you start with few t3 items more. I wouldn’t mind them to be that bad and VG, it’s not their fault VG’s rank sucks and they can climb it but the thing is they’re sooooo toxic. They ping like crazy without realizing they’re still fault (and that’s not really hard to be honest…) For example that Joule in my team. She wasn’t that toxic but still pinged sometimes. And just look at her KDA. For real it would have been better if she AFKed. 14 deaths. That’s straight trolling. And after the match they still believe they weren’t bad or wrong when pinging. I just don’t get it.


it was 30+ minutes, im playing 3v3 using joule, i play like shit and constantly feeding the whole match, we lost half of our turrets, and then my teammate do one of the the most spectacular kraken steal i have ever seen, he/she is using taka at that time, hide in the bush when the enemy team goes for the kraken, when the enemy team goes to check the bush he/she use taka b ability (no scout cam at that time) and became invisible, use his ult and a ability, then i jumped with joule a ability and BOOOM!!!.. triple kill for me, we completely demoralize the enemy team and they never recovered. Best match i have ever played


My longest was around 50 minutes. It was quite some time ago (Sometime when there was only 3v3), so I can’t remember much of the details.
All I remember was that the game was mostly a stalemate, and that the enemy Glaive managed to sneakily backdoor with afterburn.


Well considering the game mode the longest I have ever had has been a 40 minute one for all game.


Kind of off and on topic. I once played a 9-minute blitz. That’s right, 4 minutes of heart-stopping over time. It was the most fun I ever had playing this game, and I much prefer standard modes over rumble. It was just awesome! Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. Sweaty.