Long wait time

Anyone else having long wait times problems like 2 minutes plus. I have good karma. Almost every match I get in gets one person who declines next match takes another 2 plus minutes. This happens like 5 times before I get a match. This also happens no matter if it is 5v5 casual, 3v3 ranked and casual, blitz or br

Samsung Galaxy s7
Android 7.0


I am actually in a queue (5v5 rank with two others) that is at 7:38 currently

Update: I hit the 10 minute mark

I’ve found that if you immediately go into a new match following the end of one, and the client hasn’t had time to send you the “you’ve been honored by x” messages, the elapsed wait time will count in-time with expected wait time, and, unless you cancel out and clear the messages you’ll just keep waiting.


I’m nearly done with the game until it gets fixed as i don’t have the time to play enough and wait for ques

This is after a freshly opened app

Well, if it happens post-match, keep what I said in mind. Otherwise I hope it gets rectified soon.

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I get 5-8min queue all the time, and I’d rather have this queue time than being matched with t5s every single match.

Funny thing is that after 5-8m, atleast I am in unbalanced as f matches. :slight_smile:

Just submitted a support ticket today because this is exploited deleted me off

Welp it still exists had to quit waiting after 10 minutes on a ranked 3v3. After 10 minutes I don’t even want to play seeing how half a game could have been played easily

Mines usually quick I’m always in a ranked 5v5 in about 30 seconds the longest mine had taken was about 2 to 3 minutes maybe it depends on your region

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