LoL: Wild Rift

NGL, it was a little disappointing that they’re still deciding to go heads down still. But Ig that shows the amount of work their putting.

Also Im not a fan of the passive buffs since its going against the true PC feeling but hopefully they dont make the champ busted.

Vaynes kit is already strong and giving her a atk spd boost allows her to go more raw atk and just push her passive and mow down the enemy team. Doesnt seem fun in my head.

Still hyped tho.


Also I made a new thread entirely dedicated to WR since it seems that the last one was in the 10 anniversary thread which I dont want to resurrect topics other than WR.

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I’ll go off topic here they said they’ll be back later this year for another update…meaning maybe we’ll have the game late this year or early next year…which gives plenty time for SEMC/Rogue to fix their :poop: , but with their progress i am still very skeptical even with extended time

Back to the topic, i like that they’re taking an extra long time to polish everything so it’ll be playable in mobile i personally can’t wait as this mean i can experience LoL everywhere :sunny_happy_3:


The cards are all in Rogues hand. Lets see how they play them :tanuki:

ill probably try it but might just stick to PC league tbh.

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Wild Rift is certainly going to be a different experience from League on PC, but I think that has to actually be a design goal: to make it familiar to League players but different enough that it’s clearly a separate game, not simply a port to mobile platforms.

I think Wild Rift will appeal to League players who are away from their PCs (you can’t carry around a gaming PC, after all) as well as to new players who either don’t have access to League (no PC, for example) or who’ve never heard of it (I mean, only 100 million people watched Worlds last year – that leaves a few billion who may not yet be familiar with the game :wink:) …

I’m pretty excited for it, because as it is, I only get to play when I’m home on my days off – I’d certainly have more opportunities to play a mobile MOBA (which is exactly what I did with VG when VG wasn’t in the shambles it is nowadays).

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I also wish for a polished and optimized experience, not a straight port! And from the looks of it, they put their vision and way of doing things into wild rift, i.e. will be a polished and great experience from day one.

And as you said - perfect when you are on the go, when you are on vacation and got that chill hour before bedtime, when you are just lazy to sit on the PC and wanna play some lol on the couch. It got it’s place and so far I love it how they really think about it and polish it.

Also to those who said back then the GFX are not good… from that trailer they look really good to me tbh and it’s not even finished game. As for the joystick, don’t panic - it’s fresh new game and you will get used to the controls fast, especially as it looks like they put a lot of attention towards that too and it makes sense: competitive game and great game in general demands smooth controls that actually let you finetune your movements/abilities.

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