LoL Shop and Item Overhaul

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Not going to say much cuz I like change personally but I had enough of the blue ui.

Other than that, Im excited to see new items than the flops like Sanguine Blade.

As someone who after all this time is still struggling to learn all of the items in League (thank heaven for item sets!), this is a FANTASTIC improvement! I’d really like to see what they’re doing with the “Item Sets” tab as well!


That may well just be your preset builds that currently replace everything in recommended if you have one. I set up a few for some of the champs I played regularly a while back, cause I never got the item paths in League (Is counterbuilding a thing? Are carries supposed to buy 1-2 defence items like in VG?). It was nice to have something to tell you what to buy next, but it also means you have to manually search potions and wards, which gets annoying.

Yeah, that could literally take years to fully know… so many items and effects. Putting off new players for sure.