LoL music! "World Championships 2019" and "Light and Shadow"

God if you havent listened to any of their music… What are you doing!

This first song I want to share is from their recent Light and Shadow cinematic that featured the three newest additions to the Star Guardian lineup.

If you listen closely, you might recognize that it sounds similar to some of the anime openings you might have heard of. The composer’s name is Hiroyuki Sawano who made openings of Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Re-Creators, and various other music pieces.

Also today Riot just released the Orchestral version of the World Championship theme.


Agree 100%. The music in both the game itself and (especially) in its cinematics/videos is absolutely top shelf.

League of Legends always has short movies and really cool songs.

I love the song next to the 2014 World video called ‘‘Warriors’’ which belongs to Imagine Dragons.

And undoubtedly (in my opinion) the best animation of all is the 2016 that has a song that accompanies the video called ‘‘Ignite’’.