Lol finally got all the Skye skins


Congrats! Now get all the Celeste and Koshka (re)skins!

Edit: I just noticed did u actually get that lucky and get that from a free (normal market) chest opening?

Quest chest(bronzes), i usually end up finding dupelicates a lot lol

I have every skin that is avaliable to me for koshka and celeste(couldnt get LE since i didnt spend money in time when they came out)

I unlocked ringo , Skye , Celeste , petal t3 skins after the blueprint system introduced , they gave me a lot of essence and all the t3 blueprints , you are a long time player I think you supposed to have the blueprint already unless you destroy cards a lot .

I used to destroy cards all the time when semc basically gave me skins every update so i didnt worry lol