LoL 10 Year Anniversary with Reddit!

This is something I really havent seen before. Riot decided to host multiple events on reddit with different activities such as creating a community hero or heros AMAs!

Still lookin through and reading but some tid-bits I’ve learned is that Skarner and Kog-Mog is on the Rework list! Ooh :open_mouth:

Leopold the Painter. Thats just… amazing :gwenrainbowbarf:





  • A League of Legends anime. Source
  • League of Legends mobile. Source
  • Possibly a first look at Riot’s new fighting game that was confirmed at Evo. Source
  • A look at Legends of Runeterra, Riot’s next game. Rumoured to be a card game.
  • The reveal of arabic League servers. An official League Arabia Facebook page was recently created.
  • The reveal of a new champion, which is most likely Senna.
  • The reveal of the next League music group, which is most likely True Damage. Source.

Also apparently players who fought a Dev, has the chance to get free RP (Currency)