Logic please? (P1)

I know it’s a MOBA game and things must be balanced out but please, retain some logic and esspecially for weapons, their key features.
I.e for weapons:

Baron: His Ion Cannon in real life is a prototype weapon capable of destroying everything comepletely and in game it deals less damage than a SAW’s shank (which is only a small knife compared to an orbital strike) and can’t 1 shot anything except creeps. And also, his weapon is an RPG but the base WP is the lowest? WTH?

Gwen: Her revolver is mostly based on the Taurus Judge revolver which is a shotgun-revolver hybrid and the Boomstick projectile in game most clearly shows a buckshot blast not a single projectile but it only deals damage to a single target.

SAW: his machine gun is not a Minigun. It’s a KAC ChainSAW, a prototype machine gun made by Knight’s Armament Company in USA in 2008-2009. (btw, this is mostly the reason behind ChainSAW’s and the obvious reason behind SAW’s name). Sadly the production of this gun was stopped in 2009. The machine gun doesn’t have to spin up before firing, has a cyclic fire rate of 550 RPM (which is only slightly higher than 1/4 of the M134 Minigun’s minimum rate of fire), fires 5.56mm×45mm NATO rounds, weight is unknown but possibly 3.5kg without bullets (which is way lighter than the lightest M134 at 19kg without bullets) and the gun can only fire grenades from the underbarreled M203 grenade launcher, not turning into a cannon as you see. All of the things above mean that 1: SAW perk won’t be the Spin Up and SAW will always have high base attack speed (even like 2 hits/s at level 1) but lower than his max attack speed at 12 Spin Up stacks, 2: he must have the least base WP out of all the sniper since his gun’s caliber is smaller and weaker compared to other snipers’ guns (which is correct in game), 3: his movement speed won’t be that slow (his movement speed if done right must be around only 2.9 m/s) and 4: Mad Cannon is a target skill that fires a single cannon shell.

Skye: her main weapon is the dual Autocannons (SEMC said this in her lore) she has on her mech. Autocannons in general are beefed up MGs that fire high-caliber (20mm and above) bullets and the bullets fired are either Armor-Piercing or High-Explosive. All of the things above mean that 1: she must have the second (with Baron supposedly is the first) highest base WP in the sniper catergory, 2: her basic attacks must deal splash damage and have slightly (like 5%-10% or so) more WP ratio to the basic attacks which she doesn’t have and the last of all, her basic attacks in game clearly show a 3-round burst but the damage is only dealt in 1 instance.


Bruuuh you took it way to serious. Nice write up though, enjoyed reading it.


Logic please? Barons ult isn’t realistic to begin with and if your gonna back that up with that wiki you pasted in one of your other threads, in that page itself it even says it’s not a possible weapon

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adagio is a god capable of so many things, yet he can die to an animated onion.

lance can roll holding his shield and blade, while wearing huge armor.

celeste can make stars explode, and, in her skin, make black holes, and yet you only get a little owie.

VG is a moba with dragons, fish ladies, and walking ONIONS. if even just your weapons followed logic, how fun would the game be? adagio can probably just snap his fingers and kill everyone, joule and others could jump over ardan’s ult, celeste would destroy the universe, where do you fight then?


But if that weapon was posible to make, it’d destroy everything comepletely. Remember I put the word “some” before the “logic”.

I mainly talk about weapons and use the word “some” before “logic”

i get that you’re talking about their weapons, but applying logic to a small roster while keeping everything else magic and high tech would be awkward.
that’s another point. this is a world where clearly, there has been high advancements in tech and magic could be applied to a lot of things, and the happenings and inventions in the real world can, and would probably bbe different in their world.
and the most obvious reasoning that i failed to mention: their weapons could just be inspired, it doesn’t have to be the exact replica of our world’s version, could you imagine if gasp twirling your gun doesn’t ACTUALLY make you shoot faster?

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Now you’re just being weird…

What is next? You want star wars to be logical. There is a reason logic isn’t implemented in games as they are an escape from reality.

Not to be rude or anything but…

… who cares? ( except a very very tiny minority )

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I said, keep their key features. If their damn weapon is a copypasta from real life, take the real life features. You can’t just say this SAW’s KAC ChainSAW a minigun if it only has 1 barrel like its real life counterpart?

Keep the key features of the thing then balance things out did you read that?

And 1 more thing: there are games that have physics in there e.g Sniper Elite.

A game that is a historical third person tactical shooter shooter not a fantan
sy scifi third person moba. The key things is fantasy and scifi

Whatever. I just wanna have things slightly more logical

CP Baron’s got actually does A LOT of damage, like more than 1/2 of an enemy…

If Vainglory was logical, then everyone would try to instalock Celeste and by the time SMEC reverted the changes, the majority of the players would have LPQ due to people ragequiting during hero selection :haha:

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Actually, rolling in heavy armor is no problem, as the extra weight is distributed evenly across your entire body. Doing that with a giant shield however doesn’t work. And he would only be able to hold such heavy weapons for a short time. Nn lance holds a zweihänder, a two handed sword, in one hand.

This game is more about balanced heroes than “realistic” weapons.
Just think about it. The cooldown timer on abilities, every hero moves at his speed exactly, you need strange boots to run,…
Expecting any kind of logic in this game is the actually illogical thing in this thread.

Didn’t you read above: keep the features anf balance around it.

Make things logical in a game which has it’s premise based around Technology vs MAGIC. Stop.