Living MOBA-free

As of February; I’ve stopped playing Vainglory and Dota 2 all together. Now before I continue, I still play video games. I LOVE minecraft, pokemon and RPGs, and I’m currently doing my first “Bravely Second” run while I wait for the new minecraft update. However I haven’t touched a moba in a while. The results have been - rather positive.

  1. I have more willpower. If I want to do something, anything at all. I feel more motivated to do it. One activity I’ve taken up doing is meal preparing. My mom would have me help her with dinner as a chore, but cooking is becoming a dying art more and more. Since I’ve quit mobas I’ve been more motivated to cook!
  2. I have more social confidence. I have become a better communicator (I recommend you read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”) striking more positive conversations than negative or neutral ones. I also feel better about myself around women I fancy.
  3. I have more time. Duh. You can’t pause multiplayer games LUL. Being able to stop what you’re doing and go do something else at a moments notice is a great convenience, and no moba has that. I also feel like I can do what I want more. It sort of ties in to #1.
  4. My thoughts are organized. This point could also be considered a sub-point of #1, because I was motivated to keep a diary. It is rather counterculture and somewhat feminine to keep diaries. However being able to spill out your thoughts on paper helps more than you would think. Whenever I’m trying to concentrate my mind doesn’t wander and I don’t get off task. If I ever feel like I have too much to think about I put pen to paper and organize my thoughts and feelings.
  5. shoutout to @Vincitoria :stuck_out_tongue:

i think vinc also left vg… also, are you still in semf? you can still talk with people about stuff that isnt vg related

U finna come back and embrace the salt with us whether u like or not boi :pouting_cat:

Sounds like you were addicted to mobas. I hope you come back when you understand the value of time management (will also help you become better in moba)

Not trying to stir anything up but I don’t see how this could be caused by playing a MOBA game, but I’m glad you were able to get things together :slight_smile:


Addiction is how. Anything can become an addiction someone needs to strart MOBA Anonymous


This doesn’t have to do ANYTHING with the genre of the game. The problem was within you, you were addicted to this game much more than others you mentioned.
Why can’t someone suffer the same problem playing minecraft for example. I can be thinking about it all day all night.

I think one thing might be that VG is more easily accessible with a tablet / Mobile. You can basically carry the game wherever you go, and it’s much faster than start up a PC game, etc, etc.


Same can be said with pokemon XD

No, pokemon go is a GPS based game, you have to actually, physically, spend energy to get things done, unlike VG

Only on Pokemon go. The main Pokemon games in general have been on a handheld portable device not to mention Nintendo has made other Pokemon games for the phone Pokemon go is just the most popular due to the implementation of agumented reality

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I don’t think 0/1/2 matches a day is an addiction…

Also I don’t play pokemon go, I like the cartridge games :slight_smile:

Limited gameplay does not constitute no addiction to research and what not. With that limited gameplay more time is a minimal point as it is only 1 to 2 hours if any(with zero games in a day). Sounds more like you are emotionally maturing which happens natural through life as you live. The cooking is probably more of subconscious reaction to knowing one day you will be living without your mom

Psychology intensifies

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Don’t forget the sociology intensifying as this greatly deals on aspect on the parent child relationship as a family unit

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I glad that you had all these positive side effects, however I think the real reason you had such a good experience quitting mobas was because you were expecting good results.

On a side note, I was addicted to vainglory the first couple months I played it, but then I got bored and stopped playing it completely for a couple of months. Now I play it whenever I feel like it, and I don’t feel that any of my time is wasted. Maybe think of coming back to mobas after a couple of months, and you might find yourself keeping all of those positive effects(with the exception of time, but isn’t time just wasted playing other games? :wink: )


Is this an actual perception some have?

I have about 4 different diaries for different things, not including a daily planner and a dream diary I need to remain sane, and I’ve never thought it to be feminine. Writing thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc down is a wonderful thing, emphasis on writing. Not typing.


Dream, I keep a couple diaries too; they’re pretty amazing things to have.

It is, interestingly enough… It stems back to the mid-19th century, following the Industrial Revolution, changes in the work place, social stratification (and neighborhood distinctions by wealth), and the emergence of a middle class. As that happened, homes began to take on gendered division, where women were seen to control the details of the domestic space, notably household management decisions and child-rearing. Men were expected to act in the bigger world of public space, outside the home, with big factories and big ideas. In the realm of aesthetics, ‘detail’ itself started to become feminine. This was initially most true of wealthier classes, but it filtered down through art and consumables like magazines. As diaries are written accounts of detail, they started to become seen as feminized in turn. Juhasz has called them the “classic verbal articulation of dailiness” which is a pretty smart way of putting it. You see the process described in a pretty wide-ranging body of work overlapping the fields of archaeology, material culture studies, aesthetics, comparative literature, and history.

So yeah, we (generic western culture) tend to see diaries, as an art form, as feminine, slightly ornamental, that is, being frivolously concerned with unimportant small things, and secondarily tied to the feminized ideas of childhood purity.

Hence ‘Dear Diary’ Lyra.

That said, even though diaries have a standard interpretation, they have a really complex history. There are lots of male diarists, many different types of diaries, and lots of people writing within and against the gender and class ideas that diaries embody. And that’s not even touching what diaries look like when they’re written by fictional characters, like Robinson Crusoe. By the way, that’s an interesting one to look at if you’re curious about the origins of why diaries should operate like letter-journals to non-responsive recipients.


I keep a dairy, mostly very random thoughts and poems. Artists keep a visual diary. which i used to do.

Extremely informative reply, thanks a million for this. It was an awesome way to start my morning up. You’ve inspired me to dive deeper into the history of it, so I’m going to do that. Cheers, bud.

This might be the coolest description of them, too.