Little things I realize that was gone

Just curious to know why these small changes were done without notice. And hopefully u guys can find reasons why they did it.

School Days Vox: dash animation change

Lorelai: B Music fully removed

Samuel: Forgot it specifically but it was a audio change

Idk about this one BUT Skyes B has a huge change to it… Upgrading the ability no longer adds more missiles (stays at four)

and there was like two other heros with unannounced changes but i really cant remember specifically.

Just curious and wanted to know you guys opinions on the matter.

(The music for lorelais B was a nice song/sound too, idk why they would fully remove it)


Really? Havent seen It, how is It rn?

I’m impressed with your memory of game animation and sounds.

I’ll check out Samuel later when I can. I play him alot.

I think they got rid of loreal’s B sound because its irrating(high pitch) sounds…i wish they would just lower it down though similar to what they did on kestrels glimmershots

And they disabled taunts during abilities. This was so good for example with Koshka ult, Ozo B etc. I just don’t see why they’d do that.

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I hate when i buy a skin because of the animations and then they decide to change/remove it. #returnmymoney pls

Like can they not


I totally agree with this, SMECs reasoning is bat shit wack

I dont play him but it was something with his Evolution skin sounds

I havent noticed anything new or changed with his skin plus i never knew lorelais b had a music playing

I dont see any change…

Bruh its right there, He loses his afterimage effect. Look in a practice match.

hmmm… I don’t notice any changes in all his evolution skin audio effects when i used practice mode… and this is coming from a Samuel Main.

out of curiosity I also tried the default and Apprentice skins. They seem fine.

Samuel does bug out A LOT in matches though. Long matches will eventually cut out all sound, including music. Sometimes just MV sounds don’t register and his perk sounds as well. The well known invisible DD bug is still there.

So it’s possible this audio change is in fact a bug?

Oof, now you make me want to actually find it. Probably impossible due to it being a 1 year old skin.

That happens to me too on so many occasions. I lose the sound of basic attacks and it gets so annoying cos i cant stutterstep properly.