Lets talk split pushing and bot lane laning phasing

So i’ve been ranking quite a lot recently and one thing i’ve been noticing a lot is how poorly most bot laners play the mid game. So here is what is happening, bot laner plays the early game decently, gets a 2 levels advantage against the opposing top laner from sharing jungle ambient properly, has good itemization progression and gets bot lane tier 1 tower, so far so good. The issue is what happens after that first bot lane tower goes down, what a lot of bot laners do is stay in their lane and keep pushing bot lane and harassing the enemy top laner putting some damage on that tier 2 tower and maybe taking it down eventually. They call it spit pushing, i call being “afk bot” for the following reasons:

A tower is worth 100 gold for yourself + 50 x 4 across the other members of your team making 300 total gold in the pocked of your team. More importantly its gold that will always be there for the taking and its not gold that you can deny from the enemy team so taking down a tower gives your team an effective 300 gold advantage. On the other hand, a cp buff + the doubles are worth 100 + 110 = 210 gold for the player that last hits it + 85% for the player that shares the ambient so a total of 388 gold and a shit ton of xp. More importantly its gold that will not always be there for the taking since jungle camps respawn and even more importantly its gold that you can deny from your enemies which actually gives your team a 776 effective gold advantage and obviously you have cp buffs while your opponents don’t meaning you’re stronger for the next minute and a half.

Get the point ? cp jungle or jungle camps in general are a much bigger objective than a tower and that should be your focus as a bot laner once you’ve applied enough pressure in bot lane typically after you take down that tier 1 tower. Split pushing is just the worst thing you can do, you’re the most fed player on your team at this stage of the game and taking down a tower will only make you slightly more fed than you already are while you’re barely providing anything for your team. Being the most fed player in your team means that your presence makes a huge difference so what you should do in the mid game instead of afking in bot lane is clear the wave, rotate to mid, secure a kill or two, secure both blue jungles and you repeat that process at every respawn of the jungle. Even if the enemy top laner takes down your tier 1 bot tower in that process just let it be as long as you’re in mid lane when blue jungles are about to spawn because you’re getting your mid laner your hyper carry ahead while their tanky cheap build top laner gets 100 more gold, a much better trade.

Vainglory is won by who gets more jungle split pushing is not a viable strategy so please don’t be an “afk bot”, clear the wave and rotate mid at every jungle spawn you will be much more useful. The only scenario where split pushing is a viable strategy is when your team is pushing with blacklaw and they can handle the push as 4 while you take down a tower in another lane.

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