Let's talk about the captain meta!

What do you think each captain will be placed in terms of effectiveness in 3.4? Here are my thoughts (Keep in mind I am talking about heroes meant for captain roles. Not off-captains like Bap, GJ, or Glaive):

EDIT: Moved Cath down a bit and moved Grace to top tier in Cap

  • Cath: High/Mid tier. Going to be great due to CD buffs, so her CC is going to be up way more often. Easily a top tier 3v3 cap too. Sure, Echo was ripped from the game. However, that simply gives more room for items on Cath while allowing her to have better CD’s than before with a stronger silence since she was scaled down PURELY because of Echo. Now she even has an item that can slow enemies while making her FASTER which is even scarier if her B is up. Cath is gonna be a menace on the rise and the fold.

  • Ardan: High tier. His barriers are very strong and his gauntlet is a great form of CC. However, now other heroes that heal or provide FH like Phinn, Adagio, and Lyra have more tools to make them even more effective with even stronger health buff effects at a faster rate.

  • Phinn: Top tier. Phinn was already good, but his move speed is what was holding him back. With Water Denzien he’ll be able to traverse through the map WAY faster which will be crucial to his success. His CC is fantastic, and with Plates he has an AOE FH + movespeed buff which pulls enemies in. His future is looking bright

  • Fort: If drafted well, high tier. If not so much, maybe mid tier. Of course, our boi Fort is recieving another wave of nerfs, and with another aftershock nerfs heading our way, jungle Fort may not be viable anymore. However, Cap Fort got a new tool in Pulseweave that makes him an even faster boi, and SLOWS ENEMIES! Very good in dive comps like always and his ult is still fantastic. He even got a movespeed buff on his A! Fort is probably not going anywhere, at least in the cap side of things.

  • Lorelai: High/Mid tier. Water Denzien is fantastic for a roaming Lorelai. She was a pretty niche pick and with the new items her ult got even better. ALso, with her A coming out even faster it’ll be easier to land, which is also great for CP Lorelai. I think she can make a comeback this patch

  • Adagio: Maybe High/Mid tier. Cap Adagio was ALWAYS in a bad spot for the last…several patches. However, with the addition to the new Plate item, his heals grant MOVESPEED AS WELL while getting empowered! VERY useful for not only cap Adagio, but maybe even CP Adagio! I’m excited to see how Adagio does this patch.

  • Churnwalker: High tier (In good parties/competitive play). Probably Low-Mid Tier in soloq. Churn was always known as a meh soloq, but monsterous competitive hero. The buff to his passive is pretty neat and now he can use his ult as an escape tool, albeit now he cannot dive as well with it anymore. Churn’s position probably won’t change all that much.

  • Best waifu-erhm I mean Grace: Top tier (Top tier in lane too kek): Grace was always a strong hero. There was never a patch where I think Grace was ever somewhat weak. She synergises very well with Pulseweave Especially with her already high movespeed and she is getting massive a massive CD buff on her ult. Grace will remain strong this patch I’ll make sure she is. Also, the synergy her ult has with Plate is very strong. The heal is already strong, but with CDR not only is it up constantly, but it provides a team-wide speed boost, which is very strong Unless it is only a speed boost to the affected player, but that makes it even better since the Plate will always be off cooldown for the ult, granting the ult a secondary effect.

  • Flicc: Low tier. Unfortunately, now every cap has a reliable slow in Plate and Flicc does not bring enough utility to remain that relevant. Sure, he has true vision, but that is not a game breaking ability Though useful. His root CAN block off escape routes, but that is about it. It is too hard to actually land and Flicc has to stay near enemies to slow them, and after that he is practically useless. His ult IS powerful, but it can be played around by, of course, placing vision. Flicc is simply outclassed by EVERY captain right now.

  • Lyra: Top Tier. Easily one of if not the strongest captain in the game. Although her burst heal got heavily nerfed, the new Plates item alleviates some of the hit by providing her 20% stronger heals, and actually probably does more healing if the Sigil is used for the heal over time (HoT ig. Can someone do de maths for me? I don’t feel like doing it :^) ). Sure Bulwark was nerfed, but her heal is still there. She’s not going ANYWHERE! She will remain a priority pick/ban. Her damage was not even nerfed, so CP Lyra is still a menace and can actually use Plate extremely effectively.


the conclusion is, flicker need some rework

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Ever since Cansei has been unveiled, the entire captain meta and the entire meta in general has revolved around him and how long he lives before he inevitably solo aces your team. :^)


Wait, aren’t fh & barrier different?

I think lyra and ardan will be the top 2 roamers

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Pretty sure I heard FH was also affected by Plate

@Nivmett can u confirm this?

I think Lyra, Adagio, Lorelai and Ardan would be top roams.

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Adagio with Plate and Rook will be insanely powerful. Phinn will be great too.
Lyra awesome as always
Cath will be good for sure.

Why Ardan? He will be indestructible for sure but he gains a lot less than certain others…

Cath will make a comeback this update after being overshadowed by some of the other captains.

TBH, I think Lorelai wil be top tier, especially in pro play where a good Lorelai can really control the battle field in a very annoying way. Lorelai has been used in pro play with good success even more next update.

Lyra will remain the same with the new captain items, no more words required.

Phinn-The underdog-Top Tier. Capacitor’s plate + Polite company will be a beast, like a mini war threads+ fortified health.

Ardan-Mid-Tier/High I think ardan loses some niche value this patch with the new captain items and the Lorelai and Phinn buffs. His Barrier is single target making it difficult for him to make use of capaitors plate. Pulse wave will be good on him though.

Adagio-High Tier= Pulsewave will be very good on him, and the changes to the hero and item meta will benefit him immensely.

Flicker-Noob killer. Top tier in low ranks Low tier in High.
Flicker will have bad time. He doesn’t provide for his team dirrectly, not offering any heal or barrier. Only he himself provides CC but that is it. Cath has a silence and a stun+ being extremely tanky. FLicker may have a root and a slow but the root is so difficult to land and his slow is useless if he can just get bursted down before he makes good use of it.


It’s confirmed. It was mentioned Excoundrel’s video. Phinn is gonna be AMAZING :star_struck:.


Its pulseweave not pulsewave :wink:


Phinn phaster talent in an item form?


Live long lyra. All Hail Lyra!


They barely touched Malene btw. Will still be a top contender but she will need more raw damage now.

That’s good to know! Just need to work and practice her in new update. I guess her Dark A (shadow. tendril) will have to be used wisely now!

I feel like he would be top. He’s very reliable. The new items seem pretty good on him.

My tier thoughts are that top tiers are going to:

Adagio, Ardan, Phinn and Lyra

Although lyra took a direct nerf the new items improve healing and barriers, as well as providing a chunk of health, all of these hero’s benefit from this. The speed buffs to Phinn mae him top tier (he was strong in 5v5, his B ability is now going to be even stronger).

Churnwalker might be better, the problem with him has always been he can’t chain 5 people, and he is very slow let’s see how these changes effect him.

Either way I’m pumped for 3.4, the balances look very good on paper, I love the nee items for roams and I love the fact the game should see some real quality of life changes.


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Well that was a thing a couple patches ago so…

He has that huge buff, even Nivemett suggests he is probably going to be cancer, he is expecting to have to hotfix (at least he suggests that).

Actually they nerfed his buff in the official patch notes :joy_cat: