Let's Talk About Essence (A Convo SEMC Probably Doesn't Want To Have, But...)

The heck are they doing with essence? It’s the most useless currency out there! I think it should be converted into low tier/low probability chests at least, or talents, something.

Obviously it’s long a forgotten currency compared to even glory, but why is essence so useless? It’s been grinding my gears for a while now. Something should be done.


Yeah, I pretty much agree – if they made blueprints easier to get (not that they’re exactly rare – it’s just getting the one you WANT is pure luck), it would be less useless.

Back before blueprints were a thing, essence was actually valuable, because you could craft the cards you needed for a particular skin. Right now, I have a bajillion essence but don’t have the blueprints for the few skins that I actually want to craft. Ugh.

Related complaint

I have a ton of blueprints for skins I already own. Ugh. And yes, I know I can destroy them, but what’s the point when I already have a bajillion essence?


I remember the days when I actually got a skin from blueprint chests instead of essence.


I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get a duplicate. Granted I have almost all skins but even a low probability chest of NOT getting a duplicate or at least not getting more useless essence would be nice. Just tired of looking at essence out of every other chest, knowing I won’t use it for anything. Lol @hazeleyes speaking of blueprint rarity, I got my first duplicate skin after like 2 months. That’s how long it’s taken me to get a skin or blueprint in a non sinister 7 chest. Jeez.


I just recently got ice queen Celeste blueprint from a quest chest , crafted it directly , the Essence system is complicated after they introduced talents , now talants are related to glory , Essence used to be related to glory and ice because of the card chests , then they made glory related to ice by making you buy it directly , and all that because of talents .

Hang on how do you get blueprints for skins you already own? if I get them the game automatically converts them into essence (y’know, the ‘duplicate bonus’ or whatever it’s called)

Hmmm. I’m not sure, but I just looked through my collection, and I’ve got a ton of them. Here’s Celeste, for example.

The blueprint system is an absolutely trashy moneymaking scheme by SEMC, but they avoided the backlash by rewarding veterans (at first). Now, even veterans can’t do anything with the essence they have.

Just being reminded of the thrill of unlocking skins by grinding glory and card chests makes me feel nostalgic. My feeling of “bleghhh” towards the current out-of-game experience is intensified. >:(


imo they should just give you the option to purchase blueprint chests for a couple thousand essence.


Iam sure he collected a lot of cards and didn’t bother destroying them because he already got the skins , and if you have 33% of the cards you get blueprints , I destroyed all the cards for any skin I crafted already , so it was good for him because the saved cards worth 100% of the essence .

That’s kinda weird. I’ll check next time I get a blueprint but I’m pretty sure I literally got ones for Rebellion Celeste and Elite force Idris the other day and they were both immediately converted.

Someone on twitter suggested a while ago they should add a rotating shop with one rare, one epic, and one legendary blueprint available every day (Y’know, like they do for talents). I thought this was a really good idea at the time. I can’t remember who or when it was, I only saw it cause Excoundrel retweeted it.

Read my reply , he probably got them when they introduced the new system because of the cards he collected , if you get a blueprint for a skin you already have after the new system it will turn to essence , I think it probably related to the blueprint cost , because it’s not fair to give others blueprints while the skin owners don’t get them , the blueprint cost will be lost .

For example let’s say you have koshka cards to craft her rare skin , assume the cards worth 2000 essence now that’s only the cards without the blueprint , so you already have the 33% limit , the system gives you a blueprint can be destroyed for essence , so if you going to only turn my cards to essence without giving me blueprints , the blueprint destroying value will be lost and it’s unfair .

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I don’t like essence either but more that when you are grinding sunlight and your battlepass reward is 50 essence, you just wonder what it’s all for.

I have around 120k essence and over 100k glory. Cool, right? :slight_smile:
Oh, and I got like 2500 opals, but SEMC unlock all the SE skins behind chests and at the end sells half of them only for ICE. Great on that one too. :smiley:

The game monetisation model was a lot better back in the days. Was fair, made you feel rewarded for playing, crafting cards, buying card chests, etc… working towards a desired skin. Right now it’s soulless and general + ofc a lot worse ainunlock rate (if we go towards what you want, it’s even worser). The reasons I spend money on this game (the first and only ftp game I spend money on, btw) - was exactly this, the fairness of the system and how I can unlock desired things even by only playing + without lootboxes + without hurting my eyes with “spend, spend, SPEND!”. All of it is missing right now and will forever most likely.

If you already have the blueprint, but unlock the skin via other ways (either ICE, chest, etc) - the blueprint stays and needs to be destroyed for essence manually.