Let's Play!

Another little community-driven attempt here.

I know many of us aren’t as active as before, but perhaps we’d log on to play together amongst friends!

It’s simple: just post here when you’re online and willing to play with some forum buds!

I’m logging on for a bit right now (Sat 11/9 8:45pm us cdt) should anyone care to join me!

  • Server: NA
  • IGN: Lebatron
  • Happy to play any mode, casual or ranked, except Blitz Reloaded.

Good games earlier! Sorry I didn’t do better but at least we won! Was a little buzzed lol. I really wonder who even plays blitz reloaded, and why do they still even have it. Such a terrible concept that nobody was asking for as far as I know.

Yes, good games with you and @Imanoob - who came out of his long hiatus to play with his ole buddy - much gratitude to you both - it was fun and we were undefeated! HA!

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I’ll be playing for a small bit right now if anyone is interested!