Let's Play Some BARON!

Ever since TT changes the item itself has become better and not only does Ringo benefit from it, but Baron does as well. Baron not so long ago had attack speed changes which made him scale better with attack speed similar to Lance. Previously, especially when he was broken, he would focus on farming just to blow people up with some crazy crit builds that didn’t have attack speed. Now we have 5v5. Sure he is a bit weaker but he has so much peel now that when he gets into the late game after hyperfarming on jungle and minions he has the opportunity to hypercarry. I played some Baron yesterday in Blitz and it didn’t go well thanks to Idris talent, new hero, and very bad Ardan gauntlets. He does so much damage it is absolutely crazy. And remember WP Baron has no good talents so ye.

Here are my thoughts: Since Baron can be played with whatever WP build possible LET’S GET EXPERIMENTING! Play some Baron today (maybe play some SB TT BP TM).
Let’s make him meta because this truly feels like his opportunity because now he has movespeed. And new captain items ya know. Anyone planning on duo queue with Phinn?

I got ringo in a BR, it was pretty fun.

SpellSword, TT, TM, BR, JB, Slumbering Husk was the build I was going for in it. We won pretty easily. I really like the Slumbering Husk change it is useful to me now.

I’m going to use him in some real matches

Problem with baron is his early game.

You clearly can’t play him top or midlane, he can’t jungle because he needs farm (it would be trolly) leaving only the bottom lane. Personally I feel there at better options here, his early weak game kinda gives the enemy the opportunity to defend their top turret way past the 10 minute mark. And if you’re up against someone like Grace of adagio they’re actually going to beat you black and blue early game.

I actually played vs a Baron with Adagio a couple of days ago and I could out heal his early game DMG whilst blowing him up with my empowered attacks he didn’t stand a chance, I took two turrets on my own by 11 minute mark.

Is he bad? No not really, but the way the meta is he just won’t get to late game without the enemy having built up a significant lead early game.

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SB, BP, TM, TM, Boots, SH/TM. That build is awesome.

For me, I like the SB TM TT TM build. However, sometimes when I snowballed really hard I built 5 items with the 5th one being BP.

A couple of days ago the patch didn’t exist my guy. Give him a chance. Adagio is toxic af anyways as well as Grace, except that Adagio doesn’t last to late game so you just gotta be passive with him. I’m personally gonna try some more Baron after I get back to VG or done experimenting with Rona and BF (I did some work with him in ranked matches LOL can’t tell if my build is troll or not because I bought Aegis when I should have gotten SH :man_facepalming:)

Cause it’s five items :oops:
I’ll give it a try anyways xD maybe take it out to ranked while I’m still at POA.

Baron is oppressive af when he snowballs so you should have just gone for a second SB instead of trying to scale LOL

Tbh a BP is so much more valuable since 1 single shot can net you 3-4 stacks.

It’s not the patch, it’s his kit… he isn’t bad, but I don’t see him being a meta pick in 5v5. He takes to long to come online and by that point there’s a good chance your teams behind.

Sure it’s easier in 3v3 where you can blow someone up, by try that late game in 5v5 and, you might blow up someone but you’ll be deleted by the rest of their team.

Report back, let me know if I’m wrong.