Let the fun begin (Kensei) +mini guide

The battle pass offers an unowned hero.

Updated the OP with my first ranked match with him.
This dude seems super simple but his combos are complex.


Use your B after running past them and use it in their face you will jump even further in front of them making your chase easier.

Your B is a great skillshot dodge, dodging arrows spitfires and mortars is a breeze.

Your A skill can be chained as a triple escape when running away. You have 5 seconds and unlike Tonys A you do not require a target and can dash through enemies.

Your Ult is like Alphas A without a req target it is a huge dive. (Both escape and engage)

Chaining B A and C in various different forms will take some mastery.

You can Dive through someone with A turn arround and B their face blocking their escape and use the remaining A charges to finish them.

Don’t use all 3 skills unless you get something back for it. Without your skills you are very immobile and an easy target.

Focus an enemy and hit them 3x to receive your barrier, this is your only means of survival.

Lifesteal and breaking point are a must on Kensei. I tried various builds and BP is a core item.
Ssw/SB PS/SM BP double defense.


Lmao and you had every hero right? That’s wicked smart. I wish I had enough for a battle pass, I’d do this.

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OHHH wait till I hit lv50


Yup I Had 39/40 and bought my battle pass through 2 discount deals saving the ice in between :grin:

Cost me €5,98 total for 1500 ice to buy battlepass and get my ice back on top.

Plus early unlock worth 999…

And the kicker is That money was from google play rewards.


this dude has his life sorted out lmao


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Moved :sunglasses:


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