Leo: Builds, Playstyle Tips, and Discussion

Aw, don’t make me kill you!

Welcome to the community-built intro to Leo, part of our forum #guides series! If you’re new to Leo and would like an overview, you’re in the right place! You’ll find builds, playstyle tips, and other resources by clicking the links below.


If you’d like to contribute, please do! These posts are wikis that forum members can edit. Post your builds and playstyle tips! But don’t make it too detailed. The goal is a quick, easy-to-browse overview for players who are new to this hero. You may want to check out our other hero #guides for examples!

This thread is also for discussion, so feel free to reply with comments and questions about Leo and the builds and tips posted here.

Leo Builds

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added by @you, update 4.4

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Leo Playstyle Tips

Be A Triple Threat! Maximzing Leo’s A potential

Leo’s A works very similarly to that of Joule’s B in regard to the fact that it appears to have no impact/it resets Leo’s basic attack. This gives way to some powerful AoE dmg, wave clear, and a nasty, in-your-face, melee combo. Basic attack the enemy, immediately cast your A, and basic attack the enemy right after. You’ll have three very swift swings of the sword, even early game before building up your attack speed.

Update 4.4 - but I can’t imagine this mechanic will be altered by other updates.

added by @Veritas , update 4.4

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Other Leo Resources

Voice Lines

Official Hero Spotlight:

I added a fun mechanic that I noticed when playing with Leo a few matches yesterday. I hope it helps folks improve and continue to slaughter with Leo!


I still haven’t gotten a chance to use Leo yet - he’s banned pretty often. What are the good builds, in the chance he’s available?

To me, probably go like Serpents’ Mask, Tension Bow or Bonesaw, Breaking Point, Pulseweave, Journey Boots and a last situational item

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