Legendary Ringo skin ult bug

Can anyone fact check me with this bug I have experienced.

Tdlr I downloaded the game again to see the new skins hands on and the new ult for ringo is invisible. The moment he shoots his flask, the new fire ball is totally invisible.

Also I dont have any lag except server desyncs but thats been there since 5v5 release. Also again… All the other skins have normal visible ults.

Preferably use a Ios phone to fact check me with the bug.

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Yes it disappeared, but still hit and deal damage. I checked on my iPad


Well thats definitely bad and needs a fix since its abusable.


GL with that. The fact it’s released with such a bug speaks a ton, btw.

Sorry my bad, the fireball did appear, but it’s started a little far away from Ringo. In addition, there would be a small fire pops out, it will quickly fade and the real fire ball appears. If you ult something nearby you, the small fire fades at the same time it hits the target, so it appears like a bug. But if you place a camera and ult something far away, the big fireball does appear.

The fact that this skin is considered legendary is bugging me more than the bugs, wonder why… :smiley:


I don’t think this is a bug the way we think of bugs. I think its animation clipping the same way Shin has his animations clipped off.

The legendary skin has new animations and one of them is the fireball, he doesn’t spit it, he shoots it out of the gourd after he tosses it in the air, so I’m guessing he’s getting the fireball clipped out of the animation short range like shin gets his B clipped out of appearing. Long range the animation actually appears so you can see its effect.

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Well its still needs some sort of fixing. Because I shot the fireball at max distance on a turret and still didn’t see anything. Ig to fully see the animation, you need to cast it and have the enemy run out of Ringos cast range so it can “follow” the enemy.

This hasn’t happened before so Im going to assume that this is a oversight.


This skin is absolutely terrible. There was zero effort put into making it look presentable. The model looks awkward when running, there aren’t any new sounds, there aren’t any new animations as far as I can tell, and the B and the ult actually look worse than the base skin.

Worse or no, there are new animations. The AA is now a dual shotgun shot instead of a single shot pistol, goes for his A and B too, and he no longer spits the fireball but shoots it into existence through the gourd.

I think he might move differently than his normal shooting animations too. Granted animation bugs are still bugs. I was just saying that this is probably a basic animation oversight the way shin’s are terrible.