Legendary Kestrel Skin?

I really wish they would give kestrel a legendary skin, I own all other skins and sure the summer party kestrel is nice for getting sunlight, but I feel like a skin that changes animations, particle effects, and even voice over lines would be nice. Theme would be crucial though. Any ideas for Legendary skin theme?


While a skin that changes voicelines would be cool, I pretty highly doubt it would happen. Least definitely not soon.


Yeah I figure they have their hands full with balancing and bugs, but maybe just a teaser or confirmation that a legendary kestrel skin is in the works would be nice. And since legendary skins like Taka, Sky, Baron all have “transformations” maybe where the skin changes based on build path. That’s be rad.

We probably never gonna get major voice line changes because VA’s cost money. I would like SEMC to work on skins for people who barely have them like Reza, Lorelai, Churnwalker, Grace and etc. Kestrel has so many skins she can wait honestly.


Gender swap Kestrel leg pls
30 char

Maybe an Artemis based Kestrel

Only general swap her legs? Also I don’t get gender swap shouldn’t it be sex swap since gender isn’t physical?

Yes swap smooth female legs with hairy man legs

Also isn’t gender physical attributes a man cant have a v just like a woman doesn’t have a d

Gender and sex are the same, id like a male version of kestrel, but I was thinking more of like “elven goddess” or “elven sniper” kestrel to go with the Sylvian and Spider Queen lore.

Actually sex is referring to physical characteristics while gender is based on your role in society based on your physical characteristics and what you identify internally to


genderswap is the term, it doesn’t necessarily mean swapping your gender only and not your sex

Yeah what @Satanicsoldier said. @pilebuster Also I don’t think SEMC would make a gender swap skin because they need to get a new VA and that’s money.

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Or just use one of the devs as the va

Who? Also I think making Kestrel ass smaller and making her body more male like would be hard for them.

Gender and sex are the same to me. I think you’re thinking of orientation, i.e. how someone views their own standing in society’s so called “gender roles”

cough Wonderland Skin: Blue Caterpillar Kestrel (EDITED you can look now) cough

Yeah a legendary skin for ketrel would be nice. Opals are too hard to get.

Actually i don’t know whether getting a specific blue print is harder…

Legendary Kestrel should be related with God of Egypt since there are Ra’dagio, Horus Idris, Anubis Baptiste. Kestrel should be Satis Kestrel. Satis is depicted with bow and arrow.

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satis_(goddess)

Sorry, they’re not the same. I think you’re getting confused on the terminology.

Definitionally, sex and gender are different, with sex being biological (chromosomes, internal/external sex organs, etc) and gender being the outward representation of your sex, generally along what society considers masculine and feminine. This can include body type, hair style, clothing, voice, mannerisms and posture, your interests and hobbies, and a whole host of other things. If you have these in particular configurations, then society sees you as either male or female. The key point here is that societies have differing ideas of what masculine and feminine are, which changes from society to society, and within single societies through time. It’s those ideas that define if you’re “male or female enough” to be called a man or woman by other members of your society. But this is different from sex.

What was the original topic again? Oh right, Kestrel skins… I’d like a new one, sure.

I actually am not sexual orientation is strictly what you are attracted to not figuring in the role you play. Gender, sex, and sexual preference is important to differentiate from when trying to understand sociology(which is extremely important in marketing)

Crappy skins but skins.
She has a lot.
(WWKestrel is the only worthy skin for me).