League of legends will come to mobile soon


How tf would I play Syndra on mobile


By that logic of yours, wifi will be also better in the future. :slight_smile:
Also I would argue that most people in Europe/US have wifi at home and in my region public wifi is mostly good… ofc that everyone have it’s own opinion and situation, I just share mine.


So? Of course WiFi going to improve, everything also going to improve. Are u trying to say the increase speed of mobile internet - 5G are overrated and not going to have any impact in the furture?


Okay, I’m going to try one last time before I give up entirely.

In your original reply, you implied that full-fledged PC-style games such as League would be possible only when 5G networks were available:

Several of us pointed out that the reason full ports of League, etc. weren’t on mobile at this point in time was not connection speed (because connections faster than 5G are ALREADY AVAILABLE via WiFi, for instance) but rather processing power (graphics hardware in particular). You ignored the point of those responses and brought up file sizes as a reason that 5G would make such ports possible.

Of course, file size has little to do with League not being on mobile. I have two mobile devices with half a terabyte of EEPROM storage each, which is more than enough for multiple AAA games.

At the end of that post, you finally touched upon one of the real issues preventing such full ports, which is the limitations of current mobile device hardware, such as RAM available to the CPU.

Then, you went right back to arguing about bandwidth:

… which, of course, is beside the point entirely.

Finally, there’s this post:

… in which you at last acknowledge that current devices don’t have the hardware to run such ports, but also begin arguing that future phones might, as though anyone has disputed that. (In fact, that was the point of my original response to your 5G post.)

So, to sum up, even if 5G networks were to be widely available right this instant, we still wouldn’t get League or any other direct PC ports because current mobile hardware couldn’t handle them. 5G isn’t the solution, more capable hardware is.

And yes, in a few years, mobile hardware likely could run games as demanding as today’s PC titles. But where will PC hardware be a few years from now? Likely still far ahead of even the highest end mobile devices, which have to contend with heat issues and power limitations that desktops and even laptops don’t.


Alright I will admit my 1st post is kinda misleading, my main point is LoL mobile port not likely going to happen in 2-3yrs but it still gonna happen in the future IMO. We just have Fortnite BR as an example, u could argue it not really a direct port and they have to optimize it for mobile anyway


Totally agree with this :sunglasses::+1:


although i have never played league of legends i have looked at some of their heroes and am excited for 2 heroes (assuming they are going to use the same heroes?)



They both looks super cool (most important factor?) and i really like neeko’s theme of deceit


good news for u, fiddle stick is gonna go through a rework soon


Hopefully it will be on the same level as Mordekaiser.

His rework (Morde) along with the graphical changes blew my mind with how nice it looks.

The claw :star_struck: it literally looks like a rip into another realm

and ult :ok_hand:


I’m going to banish everyone to the Shadow Realm.


Found the concept art for the soon to be reworked Fiddlesticks

They’re keeping the horror aspect which is a +1 thankfully.


why are they changing his model on a rework? if they are reworking the whole kit as well shouldn’t they just make it a new hero?

i like q and f most


Many champions have received visual updates alongside ability reworks, such as Swain, Kayle, Irelia, and Mordekaiser. Adding them as new champions just bloats the game from both a maintenance and a balance aspect, as the old champions must still be balanced against a changing design strategy that is increasingly exclusive of older champions. It’s not unlike what is happening with VG. Reworked ability sets will take nearly as much time to create as new heroes will, but because these heroes have already been released, they will not contribute to revenue growth. A good quarter of League of Legends’s champions would be unplayable if updates did not occur. For VG, a good quarter of the hero pool is already unplayable because updates are not happening.


Older champions have a different style thats fits the older map than the current map we have now.

Just look at older Nunu and the past map compared to the current Nunu and map.

That would upset some players. Just imagine that Catherine is outdated and unplayed, so SEMC decides to remove Catherine and make a new hero with a kit similar to Cath but the hero itself is different/not Cath. Not Cool.


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