League of legends will come to mobile soon


There’s already a MOBA by Tencent called Arena of Valor. It has none of those issues.

This is about Riot bringing their League IP to mobile.


Doubt it happening in 3yrs until 5G available in most area, because why u wanna make a watered down version when u can make a full port with 5G around?


4G vs 5G won’t make a bit of difference. It’s the CPU/GPU/RAM on mobile that are the limiting factors for porting something like the full version of League or DotA to mobile.


People said that too during 3G era, if I go back to 2005 and telling everyone future mobile game will have over 1GB with 4G around most of them will say I’m nuts too


Again, the limiting factor is not the bandwidth of the connection, it’s the power of the mobile device that’s the issue. No current mobile device can run full blown PC games like League, DotA, Overwatch, NieR, or whatever — even if you plugged that device into a gigabit Ethernet port.


I said 3yrs later? Of course current phone can’t run it




I just read an article on droidgamers that suggest that tencent will no longer update, market or advertise the game in the west. They will most likely keep it running until they decide not to anymore. The reason being is the west version made 3 million this year and according to there sources the China version made over 3 million in a single day.

I sort of see why they would give up the west version to bring a product with league of legends name in it, that along should attract more players.

I’d like to know why riot and tencent couldn’t come to this reasoning before AoV was released in the west but I suppose I’ll never know.

However, my love for the touch controls will still most likely keep me playing vainglory over the other Mobas, so I pray that SEMC keeps this game alive as I don’t see touch controls being introduced in any other moba on mobile.

Honestly though, if by some magical way touch controls did come to league of legends mobile, I would definitely drop it vainglory for it assuming it’s well implemented. That’s a far stretch though.


In my country 4G gives me arounds 55ms ping on average with lows at 30ms and highs (rare spikes) at 80ms only. Totally playable ping for a MOBA + wifi is available everywhere nowdays.

Edit: DL speeds are 100 Mbit/s and more (over 12MB/s).


Dl speed is irrelevant, games like this require low bandwith, your ping is important and imo anything over 50ms is not good since your ping is slower than ur reaction time.

  1. I just answered him about the DL speeds as he discussed it.
  2. For a MOBILE and MOBA game 50ms is totally enough. I played quake professionally (q2, q3, q3 osp, q3 cpma, q4, ql) on the highest level with 55ms ping so spare me discussions if 50ms is enough or not, it’s totally enough.
  3. Average human reaction time is around 250ms for visuals stimulus like games. Some got it lower to around 200ms and below that is rare (and surely won’t reach 100, 50ms and such for ANYONE).
  4. If you think 50ms ping will ruin your gameplay, you should start to read about the delay in the PC/monitor too. :slight_smile:
  5. Can you feel the difference between 7ms , 30ms and 50ms? In fast fps like quake - sure you can. Someone that got used to 50ms will need some time to adjust to 5ms, but here comes the discussion about netcode (if it’s good, even in quake you won’t feel the 50ms - prediction and it’s not hard to do that property with such a low ping). Also the effects you observe with those pings is noting to have with your reaction time. In other games you won’t feel it at all, MOBAs are among them.
  6. Bonus: netcode part is quite hard for SEMC and their desync problems, lags, spikes, etc - are quite entertaining when you have really good connection and low ping. Not relevant to the discussion, but a bonus is a bonus.


I won a game as a reim before with constant 600 ping , I was doing things a head , like if I wasn’t playing reim that game I wouldn’t win , and I have an NA account 250-300 ping , people actually invite me to party after playing with me or against me , so Iam doing good hehehe , the only problem is if Iam playing against full party , I lost most of the games against full party because they do things too fast it’s impossible to react faster than them .

The thing made me playing with high ping is knowing about the sea players suffer playing with 500 ping , so when I played with reim 600 ping things were so bad , like 300 ping not bad I think half a second late or something .


I conceed my point, as a former semi-competitive fps gamer boi I remember people swearing u need to get 30ms to be on your game. We could argue that 200ms is your brain’s reaction time but muscle memory is much faster but ur point still stands and 10-20ms is irrelevant.


It not about the speed, it’s the file size. Can u imagine asking users to download a 10GB+ mobile game right now with 4G? People even complain about a game with over 2GB are too big. I believe few years later even a low end phone will have 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM


I’d imagine most people would download large apps, files, etc. over WiFi, just as they do now. In many (? most) regions, cellular data is metered, while WiFi usually isn’t.

Assuming you mean EEPROM rather than ROM.

You keep ignoring the fact that storage and connection bandwidth have nothing to do with the lack of full fledged PC games on mobile.


I have great ping but somehow still suffer from what I think are dysync problems.

One moment I’ll be on the left side of the tower and 1 second later I appear on the right side of the tower and I’m being attacked. It’s rather annoying and my only issue with vainglory.

Does anyone else suffer this?


It’s 2019, wifi is everywhere. What the f you are talking about? I don’t even need mobile data, got wifi in my home, my workplace, every gas station got one, even the cheapest pubs (with decent download speeds). Yeah, for banking I will use the mobile data ofc or atleast VPN, but for downloading an app? On top of that I got 19GB mobile data before speed reduction, but even if we ignore that - wifi is literally everywhere. The city transport have wifi ffs… the buses, the metro, the trains.


All of us with different variety (mostly tied to when we play and on what server of VG). At times it’s a small one, but especially lately - more and more the desync leads to a lot of skill shots misses or I get hit from such one + it’s not pleasant to teleport around the map.


Ok so you talk like everyone have WiFi at home and public WiFi speed are mostly crap, also u seem like believe that when 5G available mobile data package will still have XXGB limit


Did I said anything about phone spec is not a factor to run a full fledge PC game? Since when LoL need a high end spec PC to run well? How u know the future phone can’t run it?