League of legends will come to mobile soon

The reason

Riot originally didn’t want to create a smartphone version of League of Legends , but the company has switched course. Sources stated that this could be because League of Legends dipped in revenue in 2018, down 21 percent from 2017. Analyst Gu Tianyi explained, “League of Legends is not doing as well as it used to and so Riot badly needs a new way to monetise the game, especially considering that it is Riot’s only game.”

Rip all mobile moba :sob:


I don’t have the time to read the article yet so this question might sound stupid but can’t they just port all of LoL’s heroes to AoV?

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League have around 150 champions it’s hard to bring them all


That requires to convert every hero (LoL) that has 5 abilities into a 3 ability hero which all of AoVs heros have.

Its simply not possible.


It was mentioned in the article that AoV flopped on NA so… i guess that’s why


Can’t wait for DoTA mobile lul…

VG be like to other mobile moba: well if I die you all die with me :wink:
Jokes aside nothing will change really if they decided LoL mobile’s control is joystick then nothing will change really… But if they add touch well… Hammers the nail in VG’s coffin


Its just not heroes they would have to port, they would have to change the map (aov’s map is a simplified LoL map), add/change/remove items and they would have to make modification to gameplay, aov has game mechanics like global shop and getting gold for missing a cs and it probably lacks some game mechanics LoL has. The goal with mobile league is pretty much the same with pubg mobile, provide the same gaming experience of the original pc game but to mobile devices. Yes i know pubgm has diverged from the original game in terms of the reward system, ranking and custom game mode but the core of the game is pretty much the same as the main pc game. Also creating a new game title using riot’s name would generate much more hype than a game with similarities with LoL that already exists.


A very wild thought that has basically no chance of happening, but i really wish Semc would sell Vg’s engine to Tencent so they can use it to develop mobile league. Would make the game so much more fun and Semc could use the funds and invest them on their new title since Vg is basically dead.


I agree with you

I hope SEMC do that

I’m going to have to give this a hard pass. It’s reported that this won’t be a 1-to-1 experience with the desktop client and will certainly not support cross play. I don’t play VG because it’s a mobile game; I play it because it is the closest thing to a desktop experience that I can take wherever I go.

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Interesting, we will see how this turns out. Recent mobile devices are quite powerful (and this game will hit the mobile stores not sooner than 1-2 years from now) and with big screens… also there is a hope that they will do it touch controls type instead of joystick, who knows. Still, not sure how fruitful it will be if it’s close 1:1 copy and not bumped version of AOV with LOL heroes/looks as it will be a serious time consuming game and then one should ask himself - why sit infront my small phone screen with non natural position (leaning downwards and your head looking down + easy to overload your hands in long sessions, especially with those 200+ grams phones) instead of the PC (even quite old PC can run LOL great on low).

I don’t think they going to make it touch , semc made vainglory joystick and also made it default control , and they recommend playing joystick on phone and touch on tablet , but joystick works on both , if there is a lot of thing in screen I think joystick is the solution , like I played vainglory for so long and Iam now playing on my phone and tablet and I misclick a lot on my phone , I still prefer touch controls with misclick so because Iam not used to joystick control , but once they release it on console Iam going to play with the real joystick because Iam A good console player .

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Joystick controls really have their benefits as you said… for start (on phones) you really see more on the screen as your fingers are not in the middle clicking. Secondly you don’t misclick and that’s not that hard on a phone. Thirdly your hands will feel a lot better after long gaming sessions, especially with the current big screens where if you hold the phone it’s not that easy for your thumbs to reach the middle of the screen. This leads to 4th, phones are too/long nowdays and you will have hard time to reach fast mid of the screen and it will lead to hand pains if you play for long period of times.

We are just used to and VG was on top of that created with touch controls in mind… but also the idea for only 3vs3 (less to tap on and pay attention to) and times where big big phones where 4.7/5 inch and 16:9… :slight_smile:

There is a reason why most if not currently all of the top players are playing on ipad pro (not only it’s big big, but also 120Hz and believe me when I say that this DO lead to advantage in intense fights with a lot going on) or atleast other ipad… it’s just a lot easier to play on when used. Ofc if after how many years… 4-5? playing on a phone, I will have hard time to adapt to a tablet and need a few weeks as it’s totally different experience, but when I get there I will perform better and have better ingame awareness (as I will see more and easier).

Saying all that, that version of LOL will be mobile centred and even if I was to decide what to go with, I would choose joystick controls with maybe considering touch ones as addition. It’s the logical decision based on many factors (few of them listed above).

I imagine azir with joystick impossible To play

He hard in PC imagine in phone :scream:

It actually depends on how automated things are for X hero… automation is the key for a lot going on @ joystick control. This is valid even for simpler games like AOV/ML where there is a lot of automation and given limited control of some elements. From there it’s balancing to counter that automation for X hero.

RIP mobile legends, AoV and Vainglory.

League Of Legends reputation alone will kill these products when it hits.

That being said, league of legends is known for majority of the champions being skill shot based so this shall be interesting.

If it’s touch, I’m in. Joystick, I’m out.


I don’t see touch coming to any other MOBA on mobile, unfortunately.


edit: yes, I’m just THAT emotional about it.

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No thx, mobile game by tencent or, in translation, 69 currencies, 55 quest lists and each give 0.5 coins… pubgm screen is ew,I dont even want to imagine LoLs