League of Legends 2019 Season Cinematic: Awaken

Another incredible video for League – I somehow missed this when it was released about 6 weeks ago. This one’s by Digic Pictures and is absolutely stunning.


Concept art for “Awaken” by Jason Chan of Riot. There’s lots more in his ArtStation portfolio:


That thumbnail girl reminds me of Ciri from Witcher

I keep going back and watching this again. It’s friggin amazing, And it made me want to play Riven, and pick up Sion again.

The Annie video is still my favourite tho.

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Yeah, I’ve watched it a bunch also. I want to try Riven now also, but I have to say I’m totally smitten by Irelia all of a sudden :heart_eyes:

League has a lot of great things around the game… makes the exp to play the game so good, so lively.


Well I been playing Xayah recently, when I get the rare chance to play league. It’s unusual for me in that game, usually I like the tankier champions like Nasus, Galio and Sion (mainly because they don’t require suvh intensive clicking for someone like me who’s a noob with a mouse & keyboard) but I’m not too bad with her. And it’s fun whenever a random teammate picks Rakan.

Seriously, I’ve had some great chats ingame where the Rakan and I are just flirting while the rest of the team is being toxic as.

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Came across this spectacular cosplay reproduction of the title still from the video. Just amazing.