League 10th Anniversary

Couldn’t resist … :innocent:

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Just gonna drop this here…I’m maybe one of few who still hopes vg can rise from the ashes someday. It’s still much more unique than a lot of the other competitors from heroes to certain differences in the mechanics & playstyle. Not to mention touch is still king in my eyes though it largely depends on the device you’re using so…I can see the big following for joystick, especially for bigger devices. That said looking forward to Wild Rift in NA though I do think it would have been cool to fuse it with the existing LoL universe and have cross platform gameplay with an EXISTINGLY large playerbase and ‘polished’ experience (darn it vg…with the good aspirations in theory but lost focus :confused:) , as technically difficult as that might be.

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While nice in theory, I can’t imagine any way that a high level League PC player wouldn’t totally annihilate virtually any mobile or console player – if you watch any pro match, you can see there’s no way that touch/joystick could ever keep up with the speed and precision possible on the PC platform.

I know :frowning: but I’m open to the concept, just to keep a large enough playerbase going. Not that I expect it, but I’m terrified that Wild Rift might not be as popular as regular LoL, simply being ‘simpler’ for mobile, and have playerbase issues. I mean when the going gets competitive, is Wild Rift just gonna be the mobile stopgap until you get to your pc, or will it flourish in its own mobile competitive scene like Vainglory did for a while? Time will tell but as you can probably tell, me, and many other mobile players, are ‘dying’ for a proper competitive mobile moba. Not necessarily competitively long drawn out battles or epic showfloor games, but at least battles that are actually fun, with people who are actually good, and actually work together more often than not. =( This does NOT happen in vg unless you get a good party and when you do half the time every battle is a wash against your opponents. No fun.

P.S. Just to note I DON’T think Wild Rift will have that issue, coming from LoL fame, but VG’s failures have me terrified of investing so much (freaking money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and time) just to rarely come across a match I can fully enjoy because of a smaller playerbase.

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You’re not alone. After spending money on VG, Ive severely limited my spending on a mobile game. And after deleting VG, Im just trying to move away from the game so IF and big if I do decide to join back in the future, I will hopefully come with a clean plate. But I digress.

One thing Im waiting from Wild Rift is a more in-depth explanation of on the skins.

They said that not all skins will be available to the mobile counterpart but they never excused the question that if the PC skins will be tranferable to Wild Rift. Hence buying a skin on the PC might be useable on mobile. But IG we will have to wait. If it does up ending be possible, then buying skins will be a great way to buy stuff from the game.

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Considering League’s massive player base, I don’t think there’s much to worry about on that score – and remember that there are many more mobile devices out there than there are PCs capable of running League …

Same – I’m very excited about Wild Rift as well! I’m pretty certain that it’ll be quite popular among the crowd on this forum!

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They actually have answered that, and the answer is “no” :adagio:

Wild Rift FAQ for anyone interested:

Rip, either I missed that part or my ears didn’t want to hear the sad truth.

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I’m a little disappointed too, but tbf, it doesn’t make much business sense for them to allow cross-platform unlocks. As long as the skins in Wild Rift are less expensive than the ones in League, I’ll be satisfied.

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Finally decided to update LoL on my desktop. Ik I wont have enough time to play but I can atleast get the free loot. :easter_happy_3:

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Coop vs AI (Beginner) matches are your friends – they run about half the duration of normal matches and count towards all missions.

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Riot has released over 200 tracks from League to the various streaming services! Details here:


Also, they’re releasing a bunch of orchestral music on vinyl!

Details and ordering:

(I’ve already ordered mine.)

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Wild Rift website has updated and now features another sign up section for the “limited alphas” in select regions.

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Okay, played my first (practice) match on the PBE server this morning, and …


The third drake in the match was the ocean drake, and this is what the Rift looked like after it spawned:

(Well hello there, Mr. Elder Dragon!)

It’s hard to tell from the screenshots, but it also rains all across the Rift! It’s super well-done, as the rain fades around the center of your view so it doesn’t interfere with your vision.

So neat! Can’t wait to see the other elements!

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Has anybody seen any video’s of this wild rift? from what i’ve seen so far, it’s going to be D-pad left, push button right style of control

which… imo, is just another reason why Vainglory should be pushing it’s touch features even more.

i did a search for “wild rift”… tried to create a topic, and was redirected to this… so i’m just going to leave my comment here. so excuse me if i’m somewhat “off topic” to what is being discussed.

You really cant push when the following has severely decreased over the years. And sadly the WR engine looks very similar to AoV so they probably wont implement touch unless the whole community begs for it which is not likely anyways.

But I digress.

The only videos are leaks. I saw a reddit post the other day that one of the beta testers in South America leaked new info about the game but it wasn’t really anything drastic. I can attempt to find the link if you really want to see the game.

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i was just thinking the launch of wild rift could be a opportunity for Vainglory to show off it’s superiority in game engine over what is being offered.

that’s just my 2 cents. I still believe the touch control should be a selling point to push in advertising.

Well Rogue does have a good background from what I heard when it comes to marketing so all the cards are in their hands.