LE skins idea

I really


really like the evolution feature to Aovs skins and I thought it would be great to apply it to the (My Opinion) lackluster newer Le skins.

Example would be Contender Kestrel.

You have a progress bar and three boosts.

Three boosts consist of a Behavior Boost, Supporter Boost, and a On Fire boosts (similar to the guild on fire thingy).


Behavior Boost: Like karma currently

Supporter Boost: If you spent money

On Fire Boost: More wins in a row mean that the boost is multiplied up to 5x.

The Progress Bar goes up to 20 levels and it can go up and down if your being toxic or having too much afks etc.

Contender Kestrel:
Level 5: Gain a custom ping/taunt for Kestrel (Her face and holding a thumbs up)
Level 10: Custom Recall which is different from default.
Level 15: Splashart change. Example would be that Contender Kestrel’s splashart originally sported a black to blue arrow gradient until it was changed.
Level 20: Animations changed. Actual Black arrows or the gradient spoken before.

Can pay to skip levels. Can sell individually the skin specific Kestrel Taunt emote.

Blitz and BR doesnt give skin exp nor does bots.

I wrote this in a rush and some of my ideas are probably half written but Ill still answer questions and opinions on the LE evolution skins idea.


I like it. I agree with you that the evolution skins in AoV are a cool idea.


I have Butterfly’s Evo skin :butterfly:


Sigh LE’s make no sense anymore.

Le’s were supposed to be model and animation changes only available for a short period of time, Because they were so hard to get, se was created. SE would be a recolor of the original LE.

These new LE’s with no animation changes feel cheap and lower LE clout. NS taka is incompatible with le reza.

The beach patrol cath skin would have made a fine LE. After all, one of the first LE’s was baewitch celeste. Later, NS taka, an event skin.

Every event doesn’t need an LE, but “Special edition” doesn’t feel any more special than an L.

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The first LE skins were Baewitched Celeste and Pumpkin Spice Petal, actually.


BaeWitched and Pumpkin Spice, Gift Fortress, Night Shadow, the last but not least Killer Bunny

Whoops, swapped them :sweat:


winter war catherine?

o shi This text will be blurred