Late-comers to the SPOOKY PARTY!

You can now buy Headless idris for 500 opals and rick or treat malene and black cat flicker for 300. Have fun


Who should i get idris or malene’s skins

I got malene’s skin since I didn’t have one for her before. I have origins idris, so even tho spectral is pretty sweet I’d get malene first

I’ll second @Skyefall’s recommendation – Malene’s is a great skin.

… I am so annoyed - I just bought the three Lyra SE skins


I wanted the Malene skin before 3.9, but now that sunlight bonuses for skins are gone, I feel like a great burden has been lifted, since I’ll never feel like I need the high-value skins, or any skin, for that matter.

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Cool, two days after I unlocked for 2600 ICE after waiting till the new season to translate him for opals. :slight_smile:

Wow thanks pigge I was waiting to buy the Idris skins

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Well, before the sun bonus, L skins and higher tiers were valued because they had animation changes.

Personally, The highest tier skins are ones with animation, model, and custom sound effects.

(Ride or Die skye, vox on ice, bakuto phinn, maybe even netherknight reza)

The thing is, I never cared about the actual skins. I only wanted them to make the sunlight grind go by faster.

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Finally I can complete my Idris skin collection

Oooo just played a bleet with Idris skin, why is it so goode, even at low graphics it looks awesome.
Never ever played Idris before but I really wanted the skin for when I get him in br

Rip I have 200 opals and I really wanted the flicker skin

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How long is the offer going to last?

It’s permanent now, it will only be available for ice again when the skin is on season again, which means next halloween.

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I insta bought malene and Flicker skin