Last skin doesn't become defaulted

This is just a small yet very irritating bug. If you choose a skin other than the already defaulted one, the skin you picked before won’t become the new default skin (already selected). This happens because of the 3.0 patch. Before this, everything was fine. Here’s a video showing proof and further explanation if you do not get it already:

In the video, I used the example of Sorrowblade Glaive as the defaulted skin and then picking King Glaive (got this patch) and when I finished a blitz bots match, and went into another, it got set as Sorrowblade Glaive again. I unlocked t2 Celeste which I also got this patch and it still defaults to t1 Celeste which is annoying, since sometimes I forget to choose the t2 skin. I also tested with skins I did not unlock this patch, and the same result occurs. This also happens in all game modes. Why is this text so small?

The bug doesn’t really affect the gameplay since it only affects skins (unless talking about sunlight), but still, I think I would be happier if it got fixed.

My device is Pixel 2
My operating system is Android 8.1.0


I’ve been experiencing this as well. Not a huge deal, but it can be a little annoying when I wanna play Rigo or Krul (who had rare skins as their defaults pre-patch)
I’m running on an iPad Mini, iOS 11 if that matters


I have noticed this aswell.

However, is it really so hard to scroll when picking a skin and choosing the one you want?

Its seems you are kind of making a bigger deal than needed for something so small.


hes reporting a bug… how is he making it a big deal…
also, hoi BORB


me too please fix sometimes it does not choose the one that you want even when you do it manually. wait which bug team of smec is on here to see this?


How do we know its a bug?

If this is a bug report, shouldnt it be sent directly to SEMC instead of being posted on a community run forum that may or may not be seen by the right people?

I did say it was a small bug and doesn’t really affect gameplay. I just wanted to report it, so it gets fixed. That’s all!

I posted it on the community forums because I wanted to tell others that this is a bug, and I too faced it. Also, there are people that have better connections with SEMC and they might see the bug sooner. The definition of a bug (by Oxford dictionary) is “an error in a computer program or system.” I guess this can also work with a game, which the error is that when it is supposed to set the last skin you picked to be the default skin, it doesn’t. Anyways, this shouldn’t bother you that much, it’s an error in the game, and I simply reported it to the community.

I’m hoping for a person with better connections with the SEMC dev team (such as one of the forum devs) to see this, and report it, or I could report it myself but it might be less noticeable.

Hi, Hydraman.

Its a bug. VG used to remember your previous skin choice and default select it again.

Amusingly that was however bugged - the memory was device based and persisted across accounts (ie if I selected the Catherine SE skin on my NA account when I next played Cath on my SEA account that skin would be selected).

I reported that bug 2 patches ago. Now this patch it no longer remembers, at all. Perhaps someone had a go at fixing my bug and introduced another or misunderstood it?

In any case @BORB that one is known and logged as a low priority bug.

In general - yes reporting directly to SEMC is a sensible move - however mentioning it here isn’t a bad idea to get more details, reproduction steps or just confirmation that it is not known. There are SEMC employees who are members here, including folk in QA so they may well see it.


This has low-key been my single biggest complaint of 3.0… been trying to keep that to myself because there’s so many constructive things I could be suggesting :laughing:


I think it got fixed, it doesn’t happen to me anymore

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I’m just commenting to bring attention to it. I want it fixed.

Well now, it defaults to no skin… :joy_cat:


Can’t say they have done nothing to fix it…


The last patch fixed this issue… can this be marked as solved?

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Does it actually work now? Because, it doesn’t for me although I have been playing mostly BR and Blitz so I don’t know about standard modes. I’m also not sure if completely changing the way default skins are intended to work means it fixes this specific problem. If it’s going to stay like this, it’s fine, it’ll just take a bit of adjusting for me. Sometimes I rush to pick a skin since a lot of times I fill, and I have to pick a hero AND a skin during the last few seconds of hero selection.

yes it works… i’ve picked skins… then went BR and not touched anything… the same skin is defaulted…

picked another skin in any game… then play BR again… touch nothing… its that skin… so, yup… confirmed it’s fixed.

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That’s… nice… to… know… but… I’m… still… wondering… why… it… doesn’t… work… for… me…

It doesn’t work reliably for me. In some game modes (BR) it remembers my skin choice, in others (3v3), it doesn’t. (I’m on the latest patch.)

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did you let the timer get to zero? the skin pick box still pops up and lets you pick, but if you pick nothing, it defaults to whatever you picked last.

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Same here. It only works in BR and Blitz, for me

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