Lane management

So one of my current frustrations in 5v5 is lane management. More spedically I’m referring to wave control, freezing, pushing, split pushing etc. I notice a lot of people have issues managing their lane, especially mid to late game where the appear to completely forget to push their lanes.

I realise it’s not as glamorous as a good KDA but it’s far more likely to win a match. So wanted to compile a list of tips, suggestions and tricks for the community… I’m certainly not an expert, so I’ll be looking to tap into your ideas myself.

I’ll start with the CAPTAIN minion. If you want to set up a good slow push in your lane which can and does lead to large minions waves give this a try. Take out the opposition captain minion whilst leaving yours alive, don’t worry about pushing the remaining wave you go off and secure that’s 12th kill in the midlane. Meanwhile your empowered waves will very quickly push that lane for you in your absence. This’ll do a couple of things

1 - free you up to team fight
2 - force the enemy laner to react by tracking back to clear said wave, potentially removing them from a team fight.

Looking for your tips guys, many of you are far better laners than me, share your wisdom.


Teleportation boots to hurry back to your lane every 3 minutes if a team fight is manageable without you or you reasonably can push near enemy base

Did they fix teleport boots’ glitches and stuff?

I have yet to hear of any problems and haven’t seen any

Great tip about the Captain minion~! thanks for sharing~!

Map awareness comes to mind. I feel like a broken down record player saying this again and again, but knowing where the fights are, knowing which lane needs more help, is the best way to keep lanes under control.

Don’t just run off to help your team if it’s on the other side of the map. Observe the fight. Throw a global ULT if you’re Celeste, Kestrel or Varya. While they are distracted, take down the turret as fast as you can, because taking down a turret is the best way of making sure Minions don’t get over powered by the enemy minions.

“observing the fight” doesn’t mean continuous keeping the camera on them. Don’t be standing still doing nothing. Always be Attacking something, while panning over for a split second.

Objectives wins games. “turret down” is not an excuse to run over and increase your KDA. It’s your chance to take down the opposing lane’s turret.

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