Lane Kestrel

Here are 2 games where I lose as WP Kestrel.
Some allies were pretty bad but I don’t care all that much.

What would be the best build for WP Kestrel or is CP Kessy more viable in 5v5.
I can camo weave rather well and know when and where to use basics/glimmershots.

I need the best offensive build and location for her.

My counter laners were gwen and Vox

Her CP side seems more viable due to the splash and long camo.

I use Spellfire for the thou shalt not escape effect.
SG for raw damage
BM to ensure the hits come through.
AC to get my glimmers off cd faster+farm better+my autos now hurt them too. (Technically probably a bad item on her but it helps me energy and damage wise to get my perk running faster and not having to rely on my glimmers for waveclear)

First and foremost, I would not use tension bow with Kestrel. I also wouldn’t use breaking point because she’s got no real use for sustain.

Her passive reduces the cost of her abilities by use of her basic attack, so some attack speed would be handy (tornado trigger possibly), and straight damage would be useful too. Spellsword I’d say is a good pick.

Spellsword TM TT TM? I felt like I lacked burst damage on her that’s why I tried the tb… BP was so that atfter longer scrimmages my basics hurt like hell. Basic basic 4x glimmer and you have some very high stacks also to finish with the Ult or open with Ult and then murder someone lol…

30 char limit ree
@BerrySpecial oi op kessy enlighten us

I agree on the rest though.
In the old days I went double SB BP double defense. That was before Spellsword existed and kessy had a more loaded kit. I still miss old Kessy who could hit like a truck…

I would use CP Kestrel


A lot of damage, requires aim for skillshots and invis is stronger in 5v5

Horrible bug can’t buy more than 4 items. Game crashed on me when I try to move items. Tried it twice double crash. Severely handicapped here @idmonfish known bug?

When I look at shop I can buy stuff but when I reach shop it says no room.

In game capped at 4 slots

Can anyone tag a dev? This is the most horrible thing I ever had in game

@Gatorrex you hunt for bugs right?
I had a late load in at 43 seconds. Bought crystal bits.
Second time at shop I tried boots and battery. I got the boots and an error message. No space…
@Skieblu for your thread…
Pictures were taken with my phone since my tablet a nexus 9 on high quality choked as soon as I tried anything item wise. …

@Xaldarian That’s a pretty big one. Send me as much detail as you can, especially the match time and date as best you know it. I will report it for you.


My fav build is SSW/SB TM TM TM. You can melt turrets in under 5 seconds and be a monster split pusher, only Wp Joule and skaarf can destroy turrets faster than that.

Unfortunately its a known bug one that they are still trying to reproduce so they can figure out causation and stomp it.

Are you on the latest hotfix patch?

For when you really want that one shot one kill

I am on the hot fix patch yes…

CP Kestrel definitely the master Race.

Could not win the game but wow is she deadly and uncatchable on a map this big.

I updated the OP

Side note: awesome matchmaking again …

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Yeah though our Lance was pretty solid but he had little back up.

When I get a chance I’ll run some numbers on Kestral with different builds.

I’m not actually sure what the ‘optimal’ wp build path is anymore vs various def amounts. You got me curious.

Please I beg of you don’t get AC!!! :(:sob:

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It speeds up glimmer recharge…

Other than that it is pretty much useless on kestrel, she is not like cp vox or idris who make use of basic attacks. A clockwork would have solved energy issues and HC wasn’t necessary, JB/TPB are far better for more escapes/splitpushing

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Hc offers higher base movement speed which is what I needed clockwork offers you nothing! It doesn’t lower the glimmershot cd it has no decent CP for her total damage it is bad.

Glimmershot lowers her camo cd so more glimmershots is more cd on camo etc.