Lance the lowest win rate hero

The reason most low tiers dont play him is due to his skillshot Impale ability. So i thought a buff to that would make him more viable. BUT that would mean in high tiers, he would be absolutely annoying. So i think bonus health ratio on his PASSIVE and ACTIVE REDUCTION would allow him to tank more skill shots and give his Active reduction more use.

I want to know what u guys want to change to make him more viable to everyone besides “You”

Low tiers dont need to play lance i guess? I really believe lance is a high skill tier hero, but thats just me

Even high tiers dont pick Lance.

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Lance has been receiving buff after buff these few patches. Idk, I think if played right Lance is quite good. It’s just that you have to invest quite a lot of time in mastering him.


He is good, just better options rn. Also his kit is better suited for a 3vs3 and the smaller map there (easier to hit A + easier and more situations for stun from B).

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I agree that he’s already great but with alot of mobile heros being the new meta and roamers picking up pulseweave with that bonus movement speed, it really makes it hard for him. As stated above, alot of other roamers do what lance does but better.

do you mean as a roam or jungler ? or both ?
lance honestly is already good because of the pulseweave , the pulseweave makes him unkillable
he can disengage and engage so fast , so i think you could make him scale with bonus health as a roam faster A landing and longer stun by his B or push enemies farther with his B , make his C slow enemies with weapon items , like you could do a lot of things .

Remove the penalty for missing Impale


Sometimes lower tier players don’t need to be able to play something. He’s quite strong when used by someone who lands Gythians Walls but not impales all the time, and he’s absolutely broken when someone can do both perfectly. He has damage reduction, high health, skillshot protection, and mobility. If people don’t wanna play him oh well. He just needs more time to master than other heroes. The same argument can be used for Skye as well. Lance is better off as a top utility hero than an actual captain anyways.