Lag ping indicator

The lagg haven’t ruined my matches yet in a few days, but anytime it will.
So I was thinking if SEMC could put into the game a ping that let to the teammates that you’re having lagg or something…?
Sometimes I play with my guild and I want my guild know in game I’m having problems with my connection, so if they know that, they won’t take risks and commit a suicide provoking a teamfight. Telling I’m having problems with the connection in the chat isn’t enough.


IMO, it would be nice to see each players ping on the scoreboard, like in Rocket League, but it would probably be best if you could only see your allies’ ping bc the ability to know that an enemy is lagging can be abused.


Then only show your team :^) the enemy team does not need to know the enemy team’s ping

I agree but this has been suggested and liked a dozen times and SEMC has not picked up the idea…

Well this suggestion is necessary, I’m worried because where I live it’s time of rain and that, and the rain sometimes ruin the connection.

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If rain ruins your connection that bad I would seriously consider bringing this promblem to you isp and harass them daily, maybe form a group with others to do so. If you are paying for a service and that service isn’t doing the job right you should be harassing them to do better or switch to someone who does a good job. In example would you put up with a housecleaning service to clean part of your house because it was raining outside.

not thaaat bad, the enough to have an annoying lagg like 500 or 700, 1000 is the max.
But, besides my service is a poopy poop, everything’s okay.
But talking about my suggestion, I think is necessary even if your service is good or bad.
the topic of my service is totally apart.

And I’ve had on consideration your points but you know, these services are poopy poops.

this would also be able to reduce some toxcicity, if you could see how much lag your allies had.

Only until they get harassed enough or someone offers a better service

Take the worst offenders of highest ping on each team and have them duke it out solo in a HIGH-STAKES, HIGH-PING BATTLE OF THE STUTTERS.


can the title be changed to reflect the content please?
it’s annyoing because i click on this and don’t know what it is about but then i reallise ive already read this


It looks to them like they’re just standing around, but in reality they are embarking on an epic Krul TT 1v1 only rivaled by the likes of Dragon Ball

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Yes i agree about the ping that indicates game in bad signal…

A mod already changed the title, and the category where this thread must go.
I’m confused with the categories of this forum yet.

You’ll get the hang of it… and it’s not too different from the old forum, really. Most of the subforums have a pinned thread explaining what kind of thread should go there. Although, pinned threads behave slightly differently here - still figuring it out, myself. You can also get a sense of what the subforum is for by reading the other threads in that subforum.

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you can answer every question I make, babe :hearts:

I feel like there should be a LAG FORGIVENESS “we’re sorry that our server lagged and as such, this will not effect your rank”

People reading this, don’t create a topic, it’s only sarcasm… such an idea would create so much toxicity towards SEMC…

But at the same time… so true… so true…


Dying and going afk at 64k lagg is not the players fault indeed…


that’s what I meanm ksaffskalnagjsn

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I had my heart broken last night. Got a quadra-kill and was on my to my first ranked penta, had to chase down a 1/4 life Lyra with everything on CD while a 3/4 health WP Idris, with boots untouched.

I have no idea what happened. I attacked her just once and suddenly stopped moving. Ping hit 84,300 (did not know it even went that high) and it logged me out of the game. I logged back in to my dead body.

RIP me forever.