L3oN's latest twitch livestream

Ngl i said i wouldn’t watch anything vainglory related but i still lurked in some livestreams every once in a while not for long tho but L3oN’s latest livestream yesterday was the first time in months i watched hours of vainglory none stop. Pretty insane that he averaged 300 concurrent viewers and peaked at 400 viewers at some point considering that all the other big streamers get 100 on a good day shows how much influence he has on the community.

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He is entertaining , like I could say Leon and wizardsibs are entertaining as vg streamers , and they both do challenges , like when Leon insist on playing jungle ringo and dodges if they banned him or someone else pick him , or when wizardsibs pick a hero and keep playing that hero and he could play them in any position .

The rest of vg streamers are ok for me , so I don’t think Leon going to lose viewers like others , he probably going to gain viewers , I know wizardsibs is probably busy and not going to stream .

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L3oN never dodges he despises dodging the main reason he originally quit streaming was people dodging him on stream so you got that idea wrong.

And because of the incredibly low quality matches thanks to the underpowered MM we have.

The main reason was dodging, obviously terrible match making makes the mater worse but he’s used to either have boring one sided games or having to play out of his mind to carry his team. What he couldnt tolerate was waiting 45 minutes to an hour doing nothing just waiting to find a game.


He does change devices half way through a match, very regularly and it does appear that he dodged. But he also gets really frustrated when VG takes too long to re - connect. So to the untrained eye, viewers might think he dodged.

I talked about him when he was spamming jungle ringo , he dodged games and pretended that he missed picking the hero , like before his turn to pick come , he says I wanna go get water , he waits until the game recognize him as a dodger then come to the stream and say (ohh I missed it) , Iam not saying he is a toxic dodger , dodging here is for entertaining purposes.