KryptoniteCobras Recruitment!

Hello Guys !

KryptoniteCobras is a team focused on vainglory, it’s a project me and my friend have started and we are trying to make an attempt on reaching the highest level of competetive gaming. We are looking for talented prospects which will like to dedicate there time in creating a story for a team. My friend mains mid lane and I focus myself on top lane so we would prefer applicants for the position of : Jungle Captain Bottom Lane we don’t mind making flexible changes.

The requirements to try out for the KryptoniteCobras:

  1. Discord Voice Chat ( you can add me on UnknownUser#3182)
  2. Be avaible to play on daily basis.
  3. Be commited and determinated.
  4. Not rage to often as it doesn’t really improve the teams chemistry
  5. Be punctual.
  6. Be experienced in the game
  7. Have a minimum of T9

To contact me you add me in game (UnluckySnorlax) or on discord (UnknownUser#3182)
Wish you guys all the best in Sovereign’s Rise :slight_smile:

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