Korous (2nd Hero)


Hp: 835-2776
Energy: 370-764
Armor: 20-60
Shield: 20-60
Weapon: 75-148
Attack speed: 95%-110%
Movement: 3.3
Attack range: 2.5

Smooth Beats

Every (13-7, from level 1-12) seconds Korous releases pleasant sounds which reinvigorate his allies. This passive can be heard by his allies from 5 meters away. Once inside this radius Korous allies will begin healing 3% of their max hp every second and the duration lasts for 3 seconds and once the passive is on cooldown allies will no longer receive the buff. Korous does not receive his own buff.

Blow Out

Korous releases a sudden blast of sound from his saxophone knocking enemies back slightly and then slowing them for a short duration.

Overdrive: If allies are in the radius they will gain a movement speed buff of .4 for 1 second

Damage: 30-60-90-120-180 (50% Cp) (45% Wp)
Cooldown: 22-20-18-16-12
Energy Cost: 60-70-80-90-100
Slow: 20-25-30-35-45%

Just for you

Korous sends a magical note at the direction he selected. Any enemy that is hit by the musical number will get rooted for a short duration.

Overdrive: Slows enemies that are around the rooted target by 25% of their movement speed for 1 second. The radius is 2 meters around rooted target.

Damage: 25-45-65-85-125 (60% Cp)
Cooldown: 15-14-13-12-10
Energy Cost: 70-80-90-100-120
Root Duration: 1-1-1-1-1.5 (.05% Wp)
Range: 5-5-5-5-7


Korous begins to play for 2.5 seconds jamming out to his fullest extent. In a 8 meter circle radius any enemy caught in the circle will be slowed. After 2.5 seconds Korous will hit the last beat hard taunting any enemy still in the circle by the end of the channeling.

Damage: 300-600-900 (90% Cp)
Cooldown: 120-100-80
Energy cost: 100-120-140
Slow: 45-45-45%
Taunt: 1.2-1.2-1.2

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Seems like this hero is a crystal captain, or maybe jungler. His entire kit relies on allies and enemies being grouped together, which is generally not a good idea. Wouldn’t be effective over long distances, but sticking with a jungler or laner while they farm could be VERY helpful, as trades would turn quickly in your favor with that healing passive.

can you clarify this? what is that 25%? is it 25% of the damage from the note? or is it a slow? if so, what is the radius of the slow around the rooted enemy?

he is a captain and yeah he does rely on his teammates being near him for his passive to work which is like fortress’. The rest of his abilities are inspired from current in game abilities besides the ranged root. His A is like a mini Cath ult and his ult is like a harsher CC adagio but without any benefits for himself as there is so much that the ultimate already provides.

still didn’t answer the 25% question.

the difference between Fort and this guy is that the only reason to stay clustered with Fortress is for a half second to get his speed boost, and that only requires one person. Or when it’s a team fight, and that’s standard captaining. With this guy your teammates would have to stick to you like glue to get the buffs, which are pretty decent. And the enemy would have to be bunched up for effectiveness.

Want an example? It’d be like this every match.

true and about the 25% I edited and check it out to see how it is now. I could make the buff stronger but the cool down longer. So people aren’t glued but need to be aware of when they can get some free healing

I think that percent over 5 seconds would be better, as well as longer in between. Or even if it’s triggered by an ally walking within range would be nice. You definitely don’t want allies to feel like they have to be babysat to get some healing.

kazoo kid skin legendary

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yeah it being triggered when they walk by would be nice and I think a stronger healing within the 3 seconds with longer cool down would be good but idk

lmao yas that would be worth 15 bucks in my book