Known bugs in 2.12


I am cross posting this from Reddit:

Users of certain Samsung devices may experience game glitches and sometimes restarts when a hero is on the vain crystal base in a 5v5 match.
[Temporary solution to this is to change the quality setting to MEDIUM or LOW.]

The “Today in Vainglory” pops up after every match/too often.

Unable to surrender after AFK notification shows up.

Unable to close some windows by tapping on ‘X’ in the UI.

[Temporary solution is to tap outside the pop-up]

Players are sometimes able to buy 8 items in 5V5.

Back button on Android doesn’t the exit game.

The item tree text appears enlarged and in the wrong font at start of 5V5 matches.

Daily quest can’t be claimed unless app is restarted.

Using emojis from keyboard in the chat will result in an error.

Screen appears unresponsive when trying to open News or Academy sections for certain devices.

Healing Flask and Scout Cam appear missing in 5V5 when entering the match late.

General ‘Today in Vainglory’ visual issues.

Thumbs down options are cut-off at bottom of the screen when down voting the bottom player.

The ‘In Queue’ text is cut-off in certain localisations.

Matchmaking occasionally shows incorrect number of ‘dots’ for 5V5 queue.

Unable to view ‘Quests’ or level progression.

Players unable to use scout cam or flask attached to ability UI.

Match Type for friends under ‘social’ with match in progress does not differentiate between 3V3 or 5V5.

Unclear which side surrendered as ‘Surrender’ always shows on your side as Blue Team.

IGN and tier in profile tab is overlapping on some devices.

Trophies in your profile do not scroll properly, showing half of each season’s trophies on a screen.

Text incorrectly states that Special Edition Skins can be crafted with blueprints and essence.

Skin count total doesn’t always update under Hero Hub.

Upon dodging the 5V5 match timer countdown on hero select, the UI displays negative countdown number.

‘Just Checking In’ flow takes the player to a black screen, then gets them stuck on the remainder of the rate me UI until force closing.


Also, they removed the “play next” button. Add it back!


Jesus christ, so many. Why u rush smec : (


Sometimes the purple left arrow button on hero selection screen to choose your role and build type doesnt work.


dont forget the samsung crashing big for 5v5


Looks like it’s an OS related issues in certain brand that incompatible with the game.
Or they forgot to test it with samsung phone, or in all android?
I spotted it on the list above that clearly mention just android


I’ve got some more on my Moto Z2 Force:

To recreate all the bugs shown, just play 5v5!

  1. The afk check when entering hero select in 5v5 is incorrect/inconsistent. When you accept/decline, the dots showing the other players accept/decline sometimes write over themselves. This is most evident in the first dot which gets a white ring around it after the 7th person accepts. This temporarily fixes itself if someone dodges, but after a game it is bugged untill another dodge.
    STATUS: Unsolved

  2. The rate match button in 5v5 is not aligned to the stars picture.
    STATUS: Unconfirmed

  3. In 5v5, if someone afk’s, the forgiveness box pops up as if it were a ranked game. Your ranked type is NOT affected though.
    STATUS: Possibly fixed by 2.12.1

  4. Quests update one game after a completion. This includes getting your reward and progressing through the quest. A temporary fix is to restart. This only occurs at a graphical level though, and quests done in games are being counted.
    STATUS: Possibly fixed by 2.12.1


you can also enter your profile tab and close it again. this also updates the visual on the chests.

one bugi have on my oldipad 3:
every font and button is suddenly incredibly small. i had to put the items on the phone setting, otherwise i wouldnt be able to play a support in 5v5, buying stuff is fcking annoying and trying to tell what skill tier someone is by the vs screen is a pain in the butt.


Afk player not getting their name strikethroughed post match, sometimes it’s just confusing when i want to downvote them


Oh, and they removed the “push to win!” Emotepingthing