Kiyako the Ninja

This idea was taken from the old forums I thought it still is a good idea and different to other heros in vg.I also added Colton’s change because I like it.

Kiyoko the ninja
Perk -Precision
Kiyoko marks opponents that gives her additional 10-40 (80% WR) on her basic attacks.
AS : 100-120%
Movespeed: 3.4

A- Spikes trap
Size (same as kestrel’s trap)
Range 5
Kiyoko throws spike traps on the floor, enemy hero walking on the area will get 60% + 0.4 CR slow and bleed damage (25-40 per sec+ 2% WR).
130-150-170-190 (100% WR).
CD 12-11-10-9 sec
Duration 2-2-2-3

B- Substitution
Kiyoko blinks to a target spot within 3 meters and leaves a decoy in her place. As long as she within 3 meter of decoy, 100% of the damage she takes for next 2 seconds is diverted to the decoy. Leaving the 3 meter radius will detonate decoy knocking back enemies by 1 meter.
Decoy health can be increased with health items.
Overdrive will increase Decoy health by 200 health
Range 3
Decoy Health: 200-400-600-800 (2% HR)
Explosion damage: 50-80-110-140 (90% CR)
CD 18-16-14-12 sec
Duration 2-2-2-2.5

C- Shadow Clone
Kiyoko creates a clone of herself that does damage to opponents evading opponents. Clone follows kiyoko and attacks same targets. Clone cannot gain damage boosts or do critical hits. Shadow clone cannot activate precision or cannot use effects from other abilities.Clone gains only 50% when healed by and ability or item. Kiyako and her clone both gain 0.8 movespeed for 2 sec and immune to all CCs for 0.5 sec during activation.
Range 1
Clone damage base 50-70-90/per hit (+30%WR) and 65% on minions
Clone health: 30%/40%/50%/60% of Kiyako max HP
Clone AS : 100-120% + 2% ASR
Duration 2-3-4-5
Movespeed: 3.4 + Boots Speed
0.5 Sec Delay
Shadow Clone will have a timer bar which till allow teammates to distiguish clone from the real hero.

The whole Idea was revolved around Substitution and Decoy ability which gives her so much room do experiment, her substitution is a similar to Baptiste B but allows her to kite around and evade damage till the decoy is broken.

The many used of Substitution

  1. Dash- If she cant reach opponent she can use it to move closer to her opponents, or move away from her opponents that move to close as well as push them back with knockback after explosions.

2.Kiting and evading just like Taka’s Kaiten it can be used to get behind opponent since she is also a melee hero allows her to continue attacking her opponent making her a great assassin. She also can use it to block damage for few seconds similar to Krul’s DMR.

  1. Probably my favourite uses is using it to body block for teammates.
    See a Celeste using SS or Kestrel OSOK on a low hp teammate? no problem just stand in front of teammate then use B and move behind the decoy allowing to to protect from any oncoming damage it also can be used to hinder opponents movement like if a Cath wants to use merciless pursuit or glaives afterburn Substitution can be used to block it.

Colton’s rework

Perk: Poisoned darts
Gain empowered attack every 3 seconds.

Empowered attack marks enemy as target. After 3 seconds, if Kiyoko has vision on, and is within 6 meters of target. Fire poisoned dart damaging enemy (60 + 20/level + 100% CP ratio) over 3 seconds.

A: Spike trap
Kiyoko throws a spike onto target location.
Spike trap takes 1.5 second to arm
Once armed, if an enemy hero steps on spike trap. It is destroyed damaging enemies.
(Overdrive) arm time reduced to .5 seconds
Damage: 150, 180, 210, 240, 310 130% cp ratio
Range: 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5
Cooldown: 9, 8.5, 8, 7.5, 6.
B: Sudden strike
Kiyoko channels for a brief period, before blinking to target location. Blasting enemies in a small radius
Enemies hit by the blast are damaged
Kiyoko heals if she does not damage enemy heroes with the bast.
The blast arms spike traps within the blast.
(Overdrive) Sudden strike cannot be interrupted
Damage: 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 80% cp ratio
Range: 6, 6, 6, 6, 7
Heal: 80, 130, 190, 240, 320
Cooldown: 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.

C: Decoy
Kiyoko creates a decoy of herself at her current location.
This decoy begins 50% of Kiyoko’s base max HP. But has the same max HP.
Kiyoko can activated this ability while decoy as active to swap with the decoy. Inhabiting it (3 second cooldown)
The Kiyoko not inhabited will not take any action.
If the inhabited Kiyoko dies, the un inhabited Kiyoko dies also.
Decoy duration: 7s, 9s, 11s
Cooldown: 50, 40, 30.

Hope you don’t mind I messed with yous idea. I just felt like while there were good idea in it, there was no coherent playstyle. And, all the abilities were what I’d call support abilites. There was no real way to deal damage. It’s like if Baptiste didn’t have his Bad Mojo. He would be useful, but his other abilities are too long cooldown and done make sense to deal proper damage.

Just to explain the changes, her A didn’t make sense on an assasin. It’s was like skaarfs goop almost. So I shifted it to a burst focused potential combo.

Her B to me felt like an ultimate. Not something that’s fair to be on a < 20 second cooldown. It was also going to be confusing interacting with her ult so I switched to a damage dealing reposition with a delay. That can combo with her A with proper planning. The channeling would be about 1 second, and you would be able to move, but not activate abilities or attack during that time.

Her ult, I wanted to be the focus of her cloning abilities. But I also wanted to give some interesting potential, not just summon a buddy. To clarify, whichever one you Inhabit is the you. The only difference between the double and the original you is that it starts with low HP. If you for example change to her double, then the original dies, you can continue on as if nothing happened.

As an example, if you are about to gank an enemy. Ult while in the bush, dive the enemy under turret. Then just before you die swap back to the clone in the bush.

Or in a teamfight you could swap between enemies every 3 seconds (the cooldown of the swap) to keep the enemy confused and shift where you were fighting from.