Hey guys I’m new here whats up? I like Vainglory. SAW is the best hero, naysayers are heretics.

Jk whats up jabronies salty fish noob is back


Who is saw? We only know Malene

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Weird way to spell Flicker.

Welcome back :v

Who is Malene? I only know Vox

Vox is dead. :slight_smile:

30 characters hehr

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Not yet my friend, not yet. And maybe WP, but not CP. He is not dead until he isnt dead.

Malene and Lyra < 3


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Carries come and go, Catherine will never lose her spot in the meta :heart_eyes:

he zoot
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zooters be

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Welcome back , i see nothing when I hit vg heroes icon except reim , the rest are placeholders .

JK back to deleting this game. I’m not going to throw money into their endless money pit just for a Crimson Wolf Yates. Why are we not allowed to just buy skins? Screw this gambling scheme. What a disgraceful business model. Bye bye.

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