Kick 'em when they're down


I’m not going to sugar coat this. When my instalocker, t4 ally afks, it isn’t the end of the world.

It is however, EXTREMELY annoying to have the afk ressurected a brainless, feeding bot

For noobs new to the game, this bot would work. For anyone, t4+, having a subpar bot is unacceptable.

Please, remove the bot.


Yeah bots just feed they really don’t do anything. SEMC could at least make it so the bot listens to commands like in practice mod. That would be awesome. Then I’d argue they should put bots in ranked too


They don’t even build items or listen to pings anymore.

Would be better if they built items, stopped 1v 3ing, and listened to pings.

Better yet, no bot, and give a bonus damage reduction buff to the remaining teammates.


The old very hard bot was very decent at the game… Definitely a T6 player…

What we have now is a joke…


The bots pre 5vs5 and on halcyon map were decent. They played ok, they pinged, they followed pings and generally on hardest dif were like t6 player. Now they are a joke.


what’s the difference between a bot and a t4


T4 players at least buy items.


Tbh i would rather have a bot on my team than a t4 or a t5


I won’t, bots only kill themselves, don’t farm, don’t buy… only give gold, they don’t even distract the enemy, idk why are they even in the game, they should be deleted.


Both are equally shit but the bots are quiet while the t4 doesn’t shut up and muting takes so much time cause garbage scoreboard UI


Yeah gotta agree with this. Bots are worse than an afk teamate and it doesn’t seem like SEMC has the free time to be improving their bots nowadays.


this sounds like a bad knock knock joke

unfortunately a true one rip


It’s not a joke, it’s true, apart from buying items there is no difference at all between tr players and bots.


I find this attitude quite offensive, actually. You may think it’s amusing, but in actual fact it’s elitist and obnoxious.

Mind you, that comment isn’t aimed solely at you, @Guest_78 – it could apply equally well to just about anyone who’s posted in this thread, and so I’m closing it.

Instead of bashing everyone who’s not as skilled as you are, let’s see posts that are more helpful to those players who’d like to play better.