Kestrel OP?

So is she now meta? Few of the VG guys I was playing with last night seem to think so. If so what are you guys building on her?

Yes it may be . Kestrel makes you really cancer when shes in opposite team and shes in hand of a pro player

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She is strong, but I wouldn’t say she is op.

If you have perfect positioning timing and kiting skills go WP Kestrel with double TM and shred everyone.

CP Kestrel is far easier and more forgiving to play due to the longer range and splash damage on glimmers.
Her invisibility through camo can last indefinitely lategame and makes her reliable in most hands.

I can successfully carry with CP Kestrel but will die horribly with WP because it is not my playstyle at all.

I think it’s WP which they’re abusing, glimmer got that DMG buff combined with the armour piercing and instant invisibility.

She’s been meta for quite a while now. In 5v5, her lane clear with WP is really good early/midgame after finishing a SB, her jungle clear is fairly good earlygame with both paths, and she has a ton of poke/harass potential. However, she’s not really OP atm. She’s one of the squishiest heroes and she can’t really do anything outside of using boots to disengage assassins like Reza once they stick to her.

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Reflex block to stop incoming damage to allow you to camo again and get away. Also your damage can be very oppressive versus often squishy Assassins.

A good Kestrel will fight on top of a camo trap when she fears a gank so that she can trigger the trap and camo out or kill her target.

Kestrel is rather strong vs divers…

It’s not CP I’m interested in, that always been good when played by someone whose good. It’s more WP bottom lane I’m interested in…

I hate her because I dont play her. I find her playstyle is extremely toxic to face against, especially CP. Being able to deals dmg from so far away and ready to fight IN MELEE RANGE as long as she has a bomb on her feet. And also Spellfire + Active Camo combo should be destroyed


I banned her in draft , she is good jung/mid cp or bot wp
As a wp she needs a good support , but cp she can do things by her own by abusing spellfire and clockwork early game too much damage and traps diving her is asking for death .

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She’s definitely the strongest bot hero. I’m still not confident enough to say she’s OP but she’s up there

Yeah don’t think she’s broken, more just super strong it seems… used to be decent with her, might have to use and abuse once again.

In another thread we were discussing skill ceilings on several heroes.

WP Kestrel has one of the highest skill ceilings in my book. She doesn’t scale with player skill, a mediocre wp Kestrel won’t perform mediocrely but abysmally.
If you are great with WP Kestrel you will perform very well. If you play her divinely you will be an OP smashing machine.

Her skill floor for decent performance lies very high unlike CP Kestrel.

So at top lvl play she is broken but for all other people she can be really strong when played well at best.

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She has been strong for a couple of patches. She can fill any of the 3 lanes and jungle. She can go WP or CP. She is a solid early pick in draft. I like her best as a CP Top or Jungler.


True but I don’t understand the buff streak on an already decent hero…

It was to make wp relevant as it was outshined by it cp counterpart, and instead of just nerfing the cp version, they buffed the wp one, ending in a buff to an already top tier hero.

Making the wp side more relevant I get… But the changes were universally positive for Kestrel. Twice in a row…

theres a reason why shinkaigan loves kestrel, i think he mained her when he was still a pro player :thinking:

Wasn’t he famous for his Celeste?

i thought that was zekent, honestly my brain cant remember every specific detail :sweat: