Kestrel help

I just love her and I got that new skin <3 amazing but seriously I like her I never liked archers ever only mage sometimes if they have ice powers or if they cool like Samuel and assassin like taka …only taka lmao wish anka had invisible but off topic

I need help with kestrel I like keeping my distance and not engaging I play her Cp and was wondering how to get ppl in my traps and how to get max dmg cause I like going glass cannon ,also should I waste all arrows shooting or if I miss one fall back cause boy ronas kruls and grumpjaws love diving should I sit in my traps?


Play her crit / SH wp. You can rip through dives and delete most while your SH buys you time.

I’m not a Kestrel main but I carry every game I play with her. @Xaldarian has some good Kestrel advice, off the top of my head that I’ve seen

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Awwwww man…is cp bad I don’t wanna get close to people that’s like…dangerous

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CP Kestrel is about getting that raw CP plus cooldown so that you can go invisible long enough to catch people by surprise. Her poke style makes her perfect for Spellfire which can be a good first purchase.

If you are certain you can hit 3+ arrows range wise (no escape through moving away) you can shoot all 4 arrows.

Poke your enemy down a bit but don’t push through. Wear him out until he is below 60% he then becomes killable through 4 arrows in the face.

You need clockwork up as second item so you can spam your Ultimate and finish people off everywhere.

Use your first two skillpoints for Glimmershot.

Go glass cannon+reflex block so you can still escape with your B when they dive you.

SF CW FB/DE/SG BM RB HC would be my reccomended build.

CP Kestrel has larger damage range than WP because of the aoe Splash damage. The Splash damage also enables you to hit your target without being minion blocked. When she hits multiple targets at once she will deal insane damage.


Can I get some advice on Kestrel wp too maybe? I’m interested using her again as bottom laner

Hahaha i like your style. Better be safer then sorry huh

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I despise wp Kestrel. Can’t play her she lacks the range and safety of CP Kestrel.

Not my style sorry.

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Sorrow blade then breaking point then crit items
Max A and B

Wp kestrel is about kiting , because she already has a good attack speed , so you can basic attack then send A arrow then basic then arrow , use your B to dodge enemies cc or abilities ,

A good scenario is like kestrel farming and enemy getting close , enemy trying to kill her , but she goes invisible , she can now go close to him and start basic attacking and dancing close to her trap , like she could damage the enemy from basic attacks to their half health and finish them with A’s arrows while they running away from her basic attack range .


I see. Thanks man! recent buff on her in this patch kinda makes me want to play her again :+1::+1::+1:

Try not to participate in large engagements because she is rather terrible in an even fight. Participate in fights where you outnumber the enemy team or play as a split pusher who is ready to 1v1 enemies.

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Yessss yesterday I could win if it’s 1v1 but of its 1v2 it’s rekt for them hahaha jesus I love outnumbering people

See with cp kestrel, it’s all about rushing shaterglass and clockwork. Once you got that you can go permanently invisible and just set up ur traps on the enemy. Did that to a taka who was planning on ganking me. Did my trap plus ult and he just got annihilated.
Tried to make this as short as possible.

How do I do trap + Ult? Will they stay still long enough ?

The invisible mist left by your b ability was the trap.
Usually you can just stay invisible right near your enemy until the moment to strike is there. Like them farming or hiding in a Bush. When you use your ult while invisible the enemy has no idea where you are.

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