Kensei Jungle Build 5 v 5 (Updated for higher ranks)

Changes in Kensei build
Starting items: 2 Weapon Blade ----> build into Sorrowblade
2nd items: Build tier 1 Sprint Boots
3rd item: Get the other core item, Bonesaw
4th item: Breaking Point
After getting Breaking Point build tier 2 boots
5th item: Slumbering Husk
6th item: Tyrant’s Monocle
After 6th item upgrade boots to Journey Boots
Late Game: Get Weapon Infusion

Build created by: Smexyboi
Add me if you want Guides and checkout link

you can’t add people in here


NO DEFENCE :scream_cat:

Defence is for nooooooooooooooobs


If you are a good player u dont need defense, thats how i play. You need to learn how to burst them down before they kill you

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the whole point of Kensei is to buy attack speed items, get to level 12 as fast as possible and target tanks to get quick BP stacks. your build is

If you check my match history, i get 15-20 kills with this build
Here you go

Buying glass cannon would be your demise at high elo.

This is a custom build I made not a recommended build

Check this out for proof

If you can keep that up at 2500+ ELO then I’ll say “wow I’ll try your strategy.” At the moment t9 5v5 is complete garbage and you haven’t reached that yet.

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Im catching up to you very soon, don’t worry friend.

ELO gain decreases buddy. You have a long way to go.


How sad but true. I was very excited when I hit PoA, for some reason I thought there’d be a drastic change from SA. Nope. Still get mid WP SAWs, CP Barons, glass cannon kruls, supports who go recommended “high damage” builds, people who give up on their lane when it’s going bad and join another lane…I could go on. It’s completely sapped my motivation to push to VG.

Tier 8 and below i can carry you dw

The best part is that they think that the “tier doesn’t matter” applies to them LOL.

Realized that this kensei build isnt good in 3 v 3 :frowning:

Kensei in 3v3 is horrible, at least in high tiers.