Kensei hero spotlight



awaiting ’ op pls nerf ’ squad


As i though basic sounding with a huge complexity to play him well


I like how they don’t even hide how much burst he has.


Can you imagine a BP Crit build on this guy?


Add tension bow and he burst better than :gwenrainbowbarf:


Daddy Cider is back, finally a reason to live again.


why facebook -.- . . . all i see it a black page. . . . any other source?


“then he uses Reflex Block to stop an incoming Atlas Pauldron” . . . I have never successfully reflexed blocked that -.-

any tips ? the animation is too tiny and quick…


saw there first. i’ll update the post with your link if you don’t mind


did they proably nerf tension bow because of this hero?


basically instincts and good eye. it’s more of a " when would i atlas if i were them " type of thing.


He doesn’t even seem tested at all wtf. “Easy quadra kill” lol, he seems broken… and I though Malene was bad…


Probably but also to balance out paths like wp grace and such


Play as many sweaty high elo krul games as me and you can block that thing without anticipating, its 0.8s which would be a very slow reaction time , it’s more just knowing what your reacting to then what to click that makes it hard


Ciderhelm has disappeared again… Or is it him? Rhere’s no “hey, this is Ciderhelm” but it does kinda sound like him…


they always show the spotlight hero doing something fantastic. i remember the baron spotlight showed his ult deal like nearly 2k dmg to everyone near the edge? or at least like 1k.

he probably isn’t that op lol


I dont remember any hero doing THAT in its spotlight, sure, they destroy, but THAT?


i doubt they had defense equipped


Spell Kensei for me:


I can’t wait to get my hands on this dude.


probably bc the only two heroes eho could have gotten a quadra in spotlight is malene and kensei lol