Kensei... and a bad team

This was an annoying game.
F***king Kensei does so much damage late game :frowning:
And I swear I hit my pot, but missed 3 times >:[

What was annoying is that our Cath built kinda poorly
No atlas, even with three attack items on Kensei and a Vox?
A shiversteel? To chase down enemies who never needed to escape? Pretty much just extra barrier and damage for Kensei dammit.

On a side note, if I healed 44k health, and took 45k damage shouldn’t I not have died at all? Lol (I know why I died. Don’t worry).

Are you sure you blanked out the correct names… no shaming allowed

according to your description, you played Baptiste and your Catherine was a let down.

You should’ve left Baptiste unblanked and blanked out Catherine.

I thought I blanked her! :frowning:

Shh… you saw nothing

Hehe too bad we have this edit rewind function


Late game Kensei is unstoppable.


Taka, krul, bans kensei should have been there instead of your taco ban

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Well, it’s not as if I had control of the ban. My teammate just banned taka and krul on his/her own.

I never said you did vision and turets win against taco krul I understand an bit as you need to 2v3 them I know what horrible bans do to a game

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