Kensei... and a bad team


This was an annoying game.
F***king Kensei does so much damage late game :frowning:
And I swear I hit my pot, but missed 3 times >:[

What was annoying is that our Cath built kinda poorly
No atlas, even with three attack items on Kensei and a Vox?
A shiversteel? To chase down enemies who never needed to escape? Pretty much just extra barrier and damage for Kensei dammit.

On a side note, if I healed 44k health, and took 45k damage shouldn’t I not have died at all? Lol (I know why I died. Don’t worry).


Are you sure you blanked out the correct names… no shaming allowed

according to your description, you played Baptiste and your Catherine was a let down.

You should’ve left Baptiste unblanked and blanked out Catherine.


I thought I blanked her! :frowning:

Shh… you saw nothing


Hehe too bad we have this edit rewind function


Late game Kensei is unstoppable.


Taka, krul, bans kensei should have been there instead of your taco ban


Well, it’s not as if I had control of the ban. My teammate just banned taka and krul on his/her own.


I never said you did vision and turets win against taco krul I understand an bit as you need to 2v3 them I know what horrible bans do to a game


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