Karma - Working as Intended (not rly)

Okay. Our only realistic way to deal with toxicity is the karma system. Thumbs up, thumbs down - no one is going to write a mail to support about trolling during a match. Unless the guy is completely brain-dead and replaced all his items with scout traps, there’s no way to prove he was acting toxic in the first place.

Now, I played seven 3vs3 Casual matches today. Out of those seven matches, one (1) was not toxic - lost it anyway due to genuinely clueless players.
The other 6 matches consisted of feeding, ping-spamming insta-lockers, who went AFK to boot.

And after suffering through these shit matches (remember: 6 out of 7), imagine my surprise when I am presented with a Karma ban warning.
Seriously. How many f’king Saw insta-lockers going 4/18/5 do I have to put up with, in a single day? And then I get flagged by the karma system? What the actual fuck?

I am not even mad because my account might be in jeopardy, or anything like that. I’m mad because the match-maker is pairing me with these people, and on top of wasting my time, the system supposed to deal with their toxic crap is shitting in my yard instead.
One or the other not working might be acceptable, if irritating - but both screwing up on that scale is sucking the fun right out of the game for me.

If you want to look through your own match history for today, please be my guest. Some actual data on just how bad customer experience is may prompt someone over at SEMC to realize there is an issue.

In my case its usually just clueless players, not trolls.

The karma system has been worthless for years. I really don’t know why it’s still in-game.

Sort of related: The match rating system actually does help SEMC tune the matchmaker; I’ve been assured more than once by the head of the team responsible that they look closely at the star ratings to determine how the matchmaker is performing. So, while the karma feature is basically pointless, I’d certainly be sure to rate every match no matter what.


While I wholeheartedly agree with the entirety of your post and the general idea in it.

This stuff is too salty to be in discussion.

Two options:

  1. Tone the agression down and make this a serious constructive post on how it doesn’t work (I know it doesn’t work and it drives me bonkers from time to time)

  2. Move this to the saltmine and bitch some more about how it is unfair…

Both options are valid, if this were someone else I’d throw it in saltmine myself, you are a regular and thus have this power yourself.

Just trying to hold up a mirror.
I would love to see option 1…

The OP’s salt-content is actually 0%. No tears here. The post contains strong language - and the reason it contains strong language is that this issue has been around for years, and subjectively only got worse. That’s more than a little vexing, and grounds for some expletives in my book.

This is a great reminder, by the way. Thanks a lot. I used to rate every single match prior to the UI changes, but now I just forget about it. I mean, the option is stil there, but it’s just nowhere near as visible.

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those battleground events are literally the worst, at least the rewards were worth the frustration

I think it would be helpful to separate the notion that the karma system effects MM in any way.

all it does is boost earnings. nothing more and nothing less. well, that’s my experience with it.

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Yes, that is completely accurate. With the addition that it will also put you into LPQ, if the toxic elements it is supposed to deal with downvote you enough.

So not only does it not deal with toxicity, it actually enables it. The moment there are more trolls downvoting regular players than there are regular players downvoting trolls, the whole thing needs to be disabled and reworked.