Karma Debt?

Does anyone else remember what great Karma is? The blessing of additional coinlettes of glory? Since the update to 5v5, I’ve seen it literally once, and I’ve always normally had “great karma”. Now I’m, and seemingly always will be, perpetually stuck in “good karma”. I’m helpful, I play my roles OKAY AT BEST. I’m as friendly as pings can make me, and I only taunt when the enemy team is constantly taunting and we mow them over. I even theorized that taunting could be part of it, so I stopped it altogether for about 2 weeks JUST TO SEE IF IT MADE A DIFFERENCE.

It didn’t. What is the karma payment plan here? Do we need karma police? I DEMAND TO KNOW MY KARMIC DEBT.

Seriously… it doesn’t seem like something /that/ hard to obtain, and yes… it only nets you a few extra glory and it’s not the biggest deal. Except it annoys the crap out of me. Sure, that says a lot about me. But that also says a lot about literally everyone in my guild having complained about the same thing since 5v5 update. I love damn near everything about it and, at this point, it’s nearing completion of perfection (still waiting for those custom quick buy item builds… come on seriously how have you not added this…). But the whole Karma thing… wat

I had it for a bit playing 5v5 but game locked me out after hero select they took me off lpq but I have yet to get my karma back up

The karma system was reasonably okay once. A long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. But it’s been stupid and nothing but angst-inducing for about 2 years now.

Just ignore it. It’s way too easy for people to rob you of your great karma even if you do everything right.