K so i was gone for like 2 months and idk the meta pls help

also im very sad that my rank dropped a lot so pity points for me i guess

Mmmm. Quesooooo.

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I asked the same question quite a bit ago, if you want to see it just click my profile. In a nutshell this is the meta: every character that works well with new items. That includes: KRUL, Adagio, Lyra, Phinn, Ozo, potentially Rona and Ardan (if you overdrive your first and get Capacitor Plate it is as if it is his rare talent a lvl7 or 6). There are more, but you get my point. Hope it helped :upside_down_face:

P.S. Here is the update notes and changes: https://www.vainglorygame.com/news/update-3-4-hero-item-balance-changes/

Top: Lorelai, Grace, Glaive, Reza, Kensei
Mid: Celeste, Malene, Skaarf, Varya, Sam
Bot: Kestrel, Vox, Gwen
Captain: Lorelai, lyra, Grace, Adagio
Jungle: Kensei, (not sure of the rest)

Its mainly because of capaictor plate and the new items+Nerfs and buffs.

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Kestrel Tony Reza are most picked jungler

It’s not exactly meta, but Lorelai seems to work well in mid too (top is still better because she can sit in the river for extra zoom zoom)

In the jungle, Alpha and Krul are very strong this patch. Krul probably gains more from Capacitor Plate, Pulseweave, and the new Tornado Trigger than any other hero.

Rona seems a bit worse than last patch. It’s not that she got nerfed, but everyone else had their attack speed buffed where hers stayed the same, so she got weaker in comparison. She was never a great duelist, but now she’s worse.

Kinetic seems like she will be good Bottom. She builds a little slowly, but at the end game she just melts people. She’s still getting banned a lot, but enough people are horrible with her that I think she’ll start getting through more.

lorelai is good against celeste surprisingly…

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Actually Glaive and Blackfeather’s pick rate is quite high