Justice served notifications

I keep getting these eventhough i havent played in 4 months, i always had a suspicion that these pop ups are just crap to make it seems like toxicity is being handled. The players i usually downvote are they type of players that get lpq all the time i highly doubt its taken them 3 to 4 months to get lpq. Also something i doubt even more is the system keeping tracks of my downvotes over such a long period of time.

The messages are sent to your profile as soon as “justice is served” but they dont dissapear after a certain period of time, so when you log in they all appear, but those notifications can be 3 months old.

Little clarification, i haven’t played a game in 4 months but i’ve login-ed into my account quite often for the past month or so

That was important to know. Idk how it works then.

The same happened to me when I stopped playing in one of my accounts , the weird thing is you get them at once couple or triple messages , I would like to see a better system showing who got punished and the punishment both mentioned .

This happens to me every time I log in – and it’s been going on for a long time, as you can see. I’ve barely played this season, and I certainly haven’t reported as many people as I’ve seen notifications, so this seems very fishy to me.

I really hope they’re not just randomly generated to give the impression that the reporting system actually does something …

I’m guessing the same player can trigger multiple notifications: it seems you are not only notified when a player you’ve reported is punished due to your report, but you can also be notified every time that player is punished, even if your report no longer has anything to do with the punishment (as it was used in the past for a previous punishment). That’s my two cents, because of you don’t report anyone in a new account you don’t receive anyone and if you do it seems you’ve reported a lot more player than you actually did.

If I am right, and I am not sure I am - the game literally records who you reported and when he receives a warning/punishment - you receive that notification even if it’s months later.

Call me cynical, but you’re describing a system that’s pretty sophisticated, and we’re talking about a company that’s unable to manage a simple database migration (cough friends list cough) without creating chaos.

We already know that there’s deception built into the reporting system (the “unskilled play” option does nothing whatsoever, for example). I’m just … skeptical.


You got a point here. :confused:

That’s my guess on how it works too.

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My thought on it is that once you report someone you have left your mark on them forever. No matter how many years can pass, whenever that person gets LPQ, you will be notified… now report a few more people and you have a never ending loop.

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I think it’s based on who is on your downvote list. It probably records that at minimum.