Just when I thought matchmaker was getting slightly better

WHAT is this matchmaker?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! BTW Grace was WP

I get that 3v3 ranks are not our 5v5 ranks, but they should give an indication of where they’re at RIGHT NOW! Why do I keep getting such low ranked team mates?!?!?!?!


GGWP, matchmaker …

WP Grace is hella fun, tbh … :wink:


Yeah IK I main Grace I would know how fun she is, but that WP Grace was really “meh” tbh. I was dominating her and the only reason we surrendered is cause my team could not push at all Legit our pushes were all cause of me not to sound braggy and we could not win any team fights cause of the…questionable builds Looks at AS on Kestrel

AS Kestrel?
CW Glaive support?
Fountain Varya?

Bruh, that some garbage!


They’re low tier they do not know the good builds yet lol


And that’s exactly the problem with mismatches like this one … you get players who are not at the point where they know how to build properly matched up with players who are far more advanced … no one has fun in a match like that.

I can’t understand how that’s a remotely acceptable match, tbqh.


I would go with “willfully ignorant” when someone’s build is worse than the suggested builds, but potato/potato. Hmmm…that doesn’t quite work when typed.

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Yeah tbh they were pretty bad even for low tiers. I’ll give the Kestrel some leeway, but the others are just…no

Remember that new players all start in T4 now …

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Yes but this is 3v3 ranks which we keep. Wait just realized I practically said the others had no excuse to be bad. Lol

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No, I mean that when new players reach level 10 and unlock ranked play, they’re automatically placed somewhere within Worthy Foe. So it’s entirely possible that they’ve only been playing for a week or two, despite being in T4.

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They start at t4 bronze but it drops fast with a couple loses. Honestly ranked needs to be harder to achieve and draft for all ranked

Not necessarily. I’ve created a number of alt accounts I’ve used for testing various API things, and they’ve started anywhere from T4 silver to just short of T5.

The first 30 matches in ranked mode cause large changes in MMR. VST usually lags MMR and moves more slowly.


Yes, you’re placed according to your prior performance. My smurf with >80% winrate got placed in 5 bronze.

how long was the Queue time?

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Not THAT long. Maybe 5-6 mimutes

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Be honest what’s your 5v5 rank? :wink:

Honestly if you play at weird hours I find you get horrible match ups.

Matchmaker is rather Lax. It allows for a wide variety of matches which can seem horrible.

I played some 3v3s as captain Tony and had perfect scores versus a duo twice in a row. They did not belong there…

Spread was 2197 vs 1657 highest and lowest…

Mind you these were vainshattering wins not surrenders…

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For Cap Tony I recommend CD reduction like Aftershock and SC cause those 2 items alone give him some considerable damage :wink:

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I prefer going wp because of his A and B wp scaling. So tb BP with wp infusion mostly. Or Ssw BP depends…